Trisha Murphy

Trisha Murphy

title insurance; short sales; alternative financing options; financial literary

17 title insurance 13 years teaching real estate topics

Trisha Murphy has over sixteen years of experience in the financial services and real estate industry holding various sales and management positions. In her current role, Director of Business Development for Nations Title Agency of Florida, Inc., Trisha is responsible for developing new business, cultivating new relationships and realizing growth opportunities in Florida and throughout the United States.

Dedicated to practicing commitment to the community in which she lives, Trisha is involved in many industry and community organizations. Those include the Florida Gulf Coast Commercial Association of Realtors, Working Women of Tampa Bay, Greater Tampa Association of Realtors, The Pinellas Realtor Organization, the Mortgage Bankers Association of Tampa Bay, CCIM, and is a Financial Literacy Educator through Project Prosper and Ready For Life.

She graduated from Miami University in 2001 with dual majors in Organizational Behavior Management and Marketing and completed her Master’s Degree in Leadership from Trine University in 2014. Trisha also has her Indiana Real Estate license, is a licensed Real Estate Instructor for the State of Indiana, and is in the process of obtaining her Florida Real Estate license and Instructor license in order to best serve her customers.



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Title Insurance 101

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Title Insurance provides investors, home buyers and/or mortgage lenders protection against losses resulting from unknown defects in the title that existed before the closing of a real estate transaction.

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The Self-Directed IRA

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All retirement arrangements give you the opportunity to fund your future with profits from investments in a tax-free or tax-deferred environment. However, a self-directed retirement account lets you leverage your real estate knowledge and benefits from a variety of alternative investment opportunities.

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Tax-Advantaged Real Estate Investing

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Short Term Portfolio Lending

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Short term portfolio lending and hard money lending are terms use to describe private money lending practices that are asset-based, meaning that the borrower receives their funds secured by real property, not by the credit standing of the borrower.

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Low and No Money Down Buying

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The Life Cycle of the Real Estate Investor

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In this mini-course, aimed at the beginning investor (but not at all unhelpful to even the seasoned investor) Dave Foster provides an overview of the complete cycle of a real estate investor’s career from the first steps embarking on a career of real estate investing to the strategic planning needed to exit at the end. 

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The 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange: An Introduction

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Perhaps one of the most significant forces acting to minimize profit made in real estate, taxes are the mandatory expenses paid to local, state, and federal governments. Paying them is unavoidable if one is to remain in good legal standing and avoid any sort of penalty from the IRS.

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Simple Real Estate Investing

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So You Want to be a Broker?

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There comes a point in the career of every real estate agent where you ask yourself? Do I have what it takes to be a broker? Am I ready to take the next step and open my own firm?

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For the New Real Estate Agent 2: Advice as You Begin

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As a new real estate agent, you have gotten your license. You’ve chosen your broker and established a “home” for your fledgling career. Now what?

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Introduction to Mortgages

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For the New Real Estate Agent 1: Choosing a Broker and Other Important Tips

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So you took your state's required real estate course and passed the real estate license exam. Congratulations!

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Home Rehabilitation: Fix and Flips

by Paul Kazanofski

The art of “flipping houses” (i.e., buying distressed properties, rehabilitating them and selling them) is one of the most exciting and profitable forms of real estate investing, but certainly not for the faint of heart.

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Credit Restoration

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This course presents a four step credit restoration assistance procedure.

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Home Inspection 101: Inspect Your Home Like a Pro

by Tim Hicks

While it’s not recommended to do your own inspections, Tim will show you what to look for and what to look out for when buying and maintaining a house.

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