Tom Rutkowski

Tom Rutkowski

Permanent Life Insurance; Financial Alternatives; Real Estate Investing

One and half years as a portfolio analyst with Smith Barney; Six years of economic consulting; and Four years in life insurance.

Tom Rutkowski, founder/owner of Innovative Retirement Strategies of West Palm Beach, Florida, graduated with an MBA in Finance and Investments from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 1995.  He started investing at 20 years of age.  After riding out many of the ups and downs of the market, he figured out that a simple indexed approach to investing was the best way to outperform the market.  His graduate research showed that only 1/3 of mutual funds and professional money managers can beat an un-managed index mutual fund.  Much more recently, as the need to protect his principal gets more important, he discovered an even better way to save for retirement: Indexed Universal Life Insurance coupled with safe financial alternatives and real estate.

(Editor’s Note: Indexed Universal Life Insurance allows the cash value of a life insurance policy to earn interest equivalent to the return on a stock market index.  The returns are subject to a cap and a floor.  Policy holders can get stock market-like returns with none of the market risk of actually being invested in the market.)


Article by Tom Rutkowski, “Tax-Advantaged Real Estate Investing When You’ve Maxed Out Your
Self-Directed IRA”

Tax-Advantaged Real Estate Investing

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Tax Advantaged Real Estate Investing When You Have Maxed Out Your Self Directed IRA


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