Sharon Restrepo

Sharon Restrepo - Real Estate Investor

Sharon Restrepo

Investing in Foreclosure; Short Sales; Real Estate Investing

24 years investing in foreclosed and distressed real estate nationally sought-after real estate speaker/teacher published author of multiple books

Sharon Restrepo has been investing in foreclosed and distressed real estate since 1993 and is a nationally-acclaimed real estate educator, specializing in hot topics such as wholesaling, flipping foreclosures, short sales and rentals. She is an experienced investor as well as Broker and co-owner of 32 West Realty, a full-service brokerage catering to the real estate investor.

She began her career at the young age of 25 after being suddenly widowed by her high-school sweetheart/husband whom she met at age 16. Before his death, he convinced skeptical Sharon to jump into a career working for themselves in real estate.  Soon after his death, she made the decision to pursue his dream of real estate investing and helping others…soon discovering that real estate was her passion as well.

Naming her first real estate business after him, she persevered and turned her life around, becoming a highly sought-after real estate expert.

She has authored and co-authored several books and home-study courses on various real estate related topics and speaks to audiences throughout the country on a variety of real estate niches.

Exposing the Truth Behind the Lies of Real Estate Investing (2016)

Her latest real estate book, “Exposing the Truth Behind the Lies of Real Estate Investing” is perfect for investors wanting to make sure they possess the right mindset for this venture.

In addition to her own books, she has also been featured in Gary Keller’s, “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor” and “The Venus Approach to Real-Estate Investing” by S. A. Philipp, B. Heil-Sonneck.

Sharon is also co-founder and co-host with her husband, Juan, of the now retired Florida Real Estate Investors’ Association (the “FLREIA”).  The FLREIA was a professional membership association catering to aspiring and seasoned real estate investors.  The FLREIA met monthly since 1998 in West Palm Beach and ran for nearly 14 years.

Her unique experience as a business owner, real estate Broker and investor has given her insight into areas of the real estate business most folks don’t even know exist.  Her passion for real estate and enthusiasm for helping others quickly catapulted her career, making her a popular and sought after speaker in the industry.  Sharon will entertain, motivate and educate any audience.


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