Larry McCumber

Larry McCumber

Single family rehab; buy and holds mobile home parks

26 years teaching with Robert Allen; 41 years as a real estate investor

Larry McCumber is currently based in Winchester, Tennessee, and brings with him extensive real estate experience, having begun his investing career in 1977. Over the years, he has invested in single family, multi-family, commercial, and mobile homes.  In 1992, he began teaching for Robert Allen, and has since taught for Carlton Sheets, J. G. Banks, Robert Shemen, and many others. His company, Real Estate Consulting Group specializes in working with and finding properties for investors, coaching, and providing one-on-one on site mentoring. He has helped students from all over the United States and around the world.


Initially, Larry’s educational background was in aeronautical engineering.  He was President and founder of Lone Star Airlines, a 135 person operation.  He subsequently began his corporate career with American Airlines in management research.  From there, he progressed to the international arena as Regional Manager for Philippine Airlines and managed offices in South America, the Caribbean and the eastern half of the United States.  His focus was on the developing marketplace in Asia and he worked directly with companies whose affiliates were located there.  At the same time, his efforts were concentrated on developing new destinations in Asia.  While Philippine Airlines recognized his outstanding performance in the marketplace, his personal enjoyment of working in a culturally diverse environment enhanced his desire to continue working internationally.


As General Manager for Northwest Airlines, Larry was based in Frankfurt, Germany.  He was responsible for offices in Europe, the Near East, Africa, and the old Eastern bloc.  While significantly increasing Northwest Airline’s revenue on the business side, he was faced with enormous challenges bridging cultural differences on the employee side.  His office of 35 employees increased to 155 in a five-year period.  This group of employees represented 18 different nationalities and 45 different languages.  This experience in and of itself impacted Larry’s abilities to manage effectively a culturally diverse corporate population.


Larry McCumber’s career in the travel industry spanning more than 34 years, has afforded him the opportunity to work in 38 countries on 4 continents.  His highly refined cross-cultural communication skills are a result of his interest and enjoyment of working globally.


Larry welcomes students to call him at (678) 662-6514.

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