Dave Foster

Dave Foster

The 1031 Tax Exchange

20 years experience in real estate investing; 17 years working with the 1031 tax exchange



Dave Foster is the regional development director for Colorado-based Exchange Resource Group (http://www.erg1031.com), a qualified intermediary specializing in 1031 tax deferred exchanges.


Dave has worked throughout the United States in a wide variety of investment real estate markets.   A degreed accountant with a Master’s Degree in Management, he has taught numerous certified continuing education classes on basic and advanced 1031 strategies at local Realtor associations throughout the country and is a frequent guest of real estate brokerage firms looking to train their agents to strategically use 1031 exchanges to benefit their business and their client’s bottom line.


Dave has over 20 years of experience in all phases of real estate investing from large scale institutional and residential development to small boutique real estate investments such as historical and ecologically sensitive projects, fix-n-flips, rental portfolios, and vacation and resort property development and management.  He specializes in discovering multiple ways for each investor to create portfolio enhancing strategies using the power of the 1031 exchange.


Dave is active on the boards of the Colorado Online Virtual Academy, the premier college preparatory on-line charter school in the state of Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain Charter Collaborative.  A former college basketball player and beach volleyball rat, Dave was inducted into the Colorado Christian University Athletic Hall of fame in 2007. He and his family enjoy frequent travel to developing countries throughout Central America and the Caribbean to provide medical missions work but still struggle to master the Spanish language.  Dave and his bride of 26 years, Vicki, and four sons make their home on the waters of West Florida and the Keys where they spend their free time sailing, diving for lobster and sending enticing pictures of their adventures back to the office.


Feel free to contact Dave directly at: Office – 850.889.1031; Cell – 305-407-0740

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