GREEN Audio Blog: Draw More Dollars from Your Home

Millions are buying up homes to rent out as the “AirBnB-type” part of the sharing economy has exploded into a multibillion dollar business. GREEN blogger and Real Estate journalist Barbara Ballinger discusses exactly practical steps for how BOTH homeowners (who do this to earn extra income to supplement their main jobs or when they’re retired as their main source of income) and investors (make a full-time business out of buying up properties as investment income and never reside in these homes) can rent out their property to “Draw More Dollars from Your Home.”

The Sharing Economy, part 1: What Homeowners Should Know about Renting their Home

Renting Our Your Home Entrepreneur Brian Chesky’s concept may have started modestly when he charged overnight guests for an airbed and breakfast, hence his company moniker, Airbnb. But the business model gradually evolved into a billion-dollar operation as thousands of homeowners offered far more on the company platform—a room or their entire home—and comfortable beds. […]