Steve Chaisson, CEO of GREEN

Steve Chaisson, CEO of GREEN

Steve Chaisson has worked as a Middle Tennessee property broker for 16 years. During that period, he served the community as a Diamond Club RE/MAX agent in Tennessee, having sold over two hundred and fifty homes in one year, and getting personal commissions of more than a million dollars for those properties.

Wanting “the next big challenge,” Steve decided to go into business for himself and comb through properties typically ignored to make money for himself. Having built a reputation for himself through “sniping” at real estate auctions, Steve realized that his approach to making money through real estate was one of many unique methods that deserved educational coverage. He’s built a wide playbook that uses “fix,” “flip,” and “hold,” strategies that have helped him lower his expenses, get a higher return, save time, and gain trust for investors whose faith in his practices helps him raise the necessary capital to purchase more properties. This “knack” for auctions has created a steady flow of income for Steve that he finds more gratifying than any office job, and it’s an approach to auctions that he believes is capable of being repeated.

Through GREEN, Chaisson wants to build a community of people all over the world who have specialized in different areas of the real estate industry, those who have mastered an area of real estate to create a diverse and interesting faculty of mentors and coaches. His desire is to connect people to create a long-term successful partnership, and GREEN is the thread that allows users to do just that.

Like his co-founder Mark, Steve is a firm believer in education. However, where GREEN differs for Steve is that it covers practical aspects of real estate not really taught at the university level. Applying that standard of learning to real estate can help members avoid the problems that are encountered through experimenting with the business. Working with Mark LePera, Steve’s interest in the philosophies of making money through real estate have helped refine the initial vision LePera had by asking questions and actually applying the dream of web-based education and networking into a real world scenario. And since Steve had to learn everything about auctions through trial and error, he’s excited to see what the future of GREEN will grant for its members.

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