GREEN Mastermind Session: Introduction to Fix and Flips, class 7 Sheetrock and Insulation

Paul Kazanofski, owner of Revision Homes, outlines how to find sheetrock professionals, how to budget for a project, and how to get a quote that makes sense. In addition, he describes the various types of surfaces you will encounter and be expected to use in your fix and flips, ranging from sprayer applied to hand applied textures. Finally, Paul discusses insulation and its importance in your home rehab jobs.

GREEN Mastermind Session: Social Media Calendaring for Real Estate Professionals

It doesn’t take much to shine in social media. However, you have to have a plan and a strategy for your social media efforts. Michelle Moore, realtor, author, inspirational and motivational speaker, leadership coach, and sales trainer, explains that many realtors do not post regularly, do not post the right things and even admit that they don’t know where to start. In response, Michelle presents a month-long strategy for social media posts, offering a day-by-day plan. This emphasis on planning solves the problem with know what to post. Michelle also lists a number of help resources to help create these posts.

GREEN Mastermind Session: Vacation Rentals, part 2

Sharon Restrepo, broker at 32 West Realty and GREEN instructor, concludes her insightful series on vacation rentals. Primary topics include: 1) how to furnish and stock your vacation rental; 2) how to market your vacation rental; and 3) how to manage your vacation rental. In addition, Sharon offers sound advice on screening your rentals; dealing with renter complaints; finding reliable cleaning crews; lease details; the importance of good online reviews and much more.

GREEN Mastermind Session: Tiny Homes, part 2

Mike Cathell, a real estate investor from Fort Myers, Florida, continues his discussion of tiny homes. Recently, Mike visited a tiny homes extravaganza in St. Petersburg, Florida. In this presentation, he shows off a number of homes he walked through there and discusses the opportunities and challenges faced by investors who wish to get involved with this promising niche market.

GREEN Mastermind Session: Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing, class 1

Larry McCumber began his investing career in 1977. Since that time he has been involved in commercial and residential real estate investing, a particular area of interest for him is investing in mobile home parks. He has a long career in teaching about real estate (since 1995). In this initial investment class for beginners, Larry chats with students as he “takes the room’s temperature,” gauging where his students are both as regards knowledge and experience.

GREEN Mastermind Session: Introduction to Fix and Flips, class 6 Plumbing

Plumbing is an important aspect of any fix and flip. (“It’s ALL important!” Paul would say.) In this presentation, Paul Kazanofski, owner of Revision Homes, discusses a range of topics including how to find the right plumber, expected costs, the rough-in and finishing stages, and a number of typical plumbing problems faced by the fix and flipper (such as water heaters, leaking toilets, galvanized piping, piping code changes, broken water mains, etc.). Finally, Paul makes suggestions for where to purchase and what to choose as far as bathroom fixtures and toilets.

GREEN Mastermind Session: Door to Door Sales — Tips and Techniques

Selling door-to-door is quite different from other sales jobs. GREEN President Mark LePera shares a series of ideas based on his decades of experience in real estate. Topics include: the “numbers game” aspect of door to door sales, planning and working your territory, and what to say and do at the door.

GREEN Mastermind Session: Vacation Rentals, part 1

Sharon Restrepo, broker at 32 West Realty and GREEN instructor, knows a thing or two about sun and sand. She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, a vacation paradise with sun, sand, warm waters and populated by “Snowbirds” as well as sea turtles, manatees, and sharks. In the first of two thought-provoking segments, Sharon discusses what to look for in a rental property: location, size, restrictions that might thwart your plans, and the added value afforded by amenities.

GREEN Mastermind Session: Sticking in Your Lane or Outsourcing

We tend to overestimate what we have accomplished, as opposed to the goals we set initially. Michelle Moore, realtor, author, inspirational and motivational speaker, leadership coach, and sales trainer, explains that we need to look at our goals realistically and evaluate our strengths and weaknesses as objectively as possible. By assessing these strengths/ weaknesses, we can target ways to improve our business. One important way to improve is to outsource tasks that do not directly result in income. Why struggle with a task we hate and are not good at when we can assign it to a freelancer or other employee who excels at this task? In so doing, we are freed up to focus on generating more income.

GREEN Mastermind Session: Timeshare Investing

Timeshare investing is exciting — if for no other reason than it involves vacations! That said, this is NOT an area of real estate investment that should be entered into lightly. It is VERY easy to incur more costs than what you had counted on at first. Fortunately, Sharon Restrepo, broker at 32 West Realty and GREEN instructor, is here to walk us through the basics, such as: conveyance, Timeframes, amenities, costs and fees, restrictions, appreciation, location and unit size. Bottom line: Do your homework, know the laws, consult an attorney who specializes in this area, and be certain that you can sell or rent your time.