Improve Curb Appeal and Outdoor Square Footage

The interest in having some kind of outdoor space is not limited to affluent single-family home owners and developers of large multifamily dwellings. Small apartment buildings and even modest homes that each represent a good investment opportunity will appeal to a wider audience with the addition of square footage to extend indoor use as well as bring forth the healthy benefits of fresh air, sun, and greenery.

Depersonalize and Let a Listing Shine

You’ll increase the odds of your investment attracting attention when it’s more neutral—clean, uncluttered, light, gender-neutral and fresh smelling.   Maria Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has made her mantra of getting organized and neat an inspiration to those eager to declutter and live life more fully. But the tenets she […]

GREEN Financial Blog: One Easy Way to Get Income for Life

An annuity is a low cost investment that will yield a very competitive rate of return that you can’t outlive. They can be designed to pay out over multiple lives so that both you and your spouse need not worry about running out of income. They can even be designed to pay the remaining balance to another beneficiary upon the death of the original annuitant. It’s a very flexible and customizable product.

GREEN Audio Blog: Draw More Dollars from Your Home

Millions are buying up homes to rent out as the “AirBnB-type” part of the sharing economy has exploded into a multibillion dollar business. GREEN blogger and Real Estate journalist Barbara Ballinger discusses exactly practical steps for how BOTH homeowners (who do this to earn extra income to supplement their main jobs or when they’re retired as their main source of income) and investors (make a full-time business out of buying up properties as investment income and never reside in these homes) can rent out their property to “Draw More Dollars from Your Home.”

Planning Spaces in a New Home

Walking into a new home for the first time can feel like heading into a foreign land. You love the home, or you wouldn’t have bought it, but it can still be a bit strange and unfamiliar. Where will everything go? How will you arrange each room? Will your furniture and décor look “right” in this new place?