Moving up the Ladder: Improving Your Real Estate Business

You’ve worked hard in your new real estate profession and seen success—more referrals, listings, closings, and inquiries. In fact, you frequently feel you can’t get everything done and are missing out by not being able to be everywhere and do everything you want. Perhaps, it’s time for another talk with your coach or mentor or to take a class to help decide if it’s time to hire an associate, build a team or have your own brokerage firm, even one with multiple offices.

Take It to the Next Level With a Mentor

Business coaches can provide insight, help create structure, and define a clear path forward. A business coach doesn’t need to have experience in a client’s industry. What happens when a coach is also someone who has successfully grown the same business that the client is working on? You get a mentor.

Fireplaces: Which Way to Go?

A fireplace can make a big difference in attracting buyer attention whether the purchaser plans to live in the home or use it as an investment. A well-designed, functioning fireplace becomes an immediate focal point and adds warmth and coziness, even if the heat given off is more of a glow than a way to heat a room.

Improve Curb Appeal and Outdoor Square Footage

The interest in having some kind of outdoor space is not limited to affluent single-family home owners and developers of large multifamily dwellings. Small apartment buildings and even modest homes that each represent a good investment opportunity will appeal to a wider audience with the addition of square footage to extend indoor use as well as bring forth the healthy benefits of fresh air, sun, and greenery.

Depersonalize and Let a Listing Shine

Real Estate Sales Tips You’ll increase the odds of your investment attracting attention when it’s more neutral—clean, uncluttered, light, gender-neutral and fresh smelling.   Maria Kondo, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has made her mantra of getting organized and neat an inspiration to those eager to declutter and live life more fully. […]