Keep Your Basement Dry: Nine Basic Steps

Finding that you have a wet basement or crawl space is among a homeowner and investor’s worst nightmares. In this article, GREEN offers nine critical steps to take before and after water comes, as well as know what to do when there’s a drought, which can cause similar problems, costs, and repairs.

Fireplaces, Fire Pits and Fire Tables: Add Glow to Your Yard and Listings

These days home owners are gravitating to their yards and that can be for any number of reasons or activities, from lounging to cooking, eating, and exercising. Both an outdoor area’s functional and aesthetic characteristics matter nowadays to home owners, but they also count with renters. Extra features can set one listing apart from another in the increasingly crowded field of the sharing economy.

Learn the Benefits of Passive Investing

Turnkey investing is when a buyer purchases a property from a company that previously bought, renovated, and placed a resident in a home or apartment. Of course, sometimes the property is empty and needs to be marketed for rent. Consider these ten essential tips to become a successful turnkey investor.

Moving up the Ladder: Improving Your Real Estate Business

You’ve worked hard in your new real estate profession and seen success—more referrals, listings, closings, and inquiries. In fact, you frequently feel you can’t get everything done and are missing out by not being able to be everywhere and do everything you want. Perhaps, it’s time for another talk with your coach or mentor or to take a class to help decide if it’s time to hire an associate, build a team or have your own brokerage firm, even one with multiple offices.

Take It to the Next Level With a Mentor

Business coaches can provide insight, help create structure, and define a clear path forward. A business coach doesn’t need to have experience in a client’s industry. What happens when a coach is also someone who has successfully grown the same business that the client is working on? You get a mentor.