GREEN exists as an educational platform to give its users a “deep dive” into the topics of real estate. To help with the learning process, GREEN offers a company podcast that allows for a “behind the scenes” insight into the inner workings and strategic processes of the minds of professionals who deal with real estate on a daily basis.

The Real Estate Show Podcast by GREEN with your host Michelle Moore

As an entrepreneur, you need constant sources of inspiration to encourage you, renew your vision, energize yourself and spark new ideas.  In today’s ever-changing market don’t get left behind.  If you are a real estate agent, builder, or investor, GREEN (Global Real Estate Education Network) brings to you an award-winning author, real estate agent and instructor, Michelle Moore. She interviews leading real estate industry experts who share insider secrets and real-world tips that are easy to understand and on-point. No topic is off limits. As a matter of fact, Michelle is reinventing herself along with the audience. She is the real deal and always asking these questions:  Am I improving?  Could I get better at asking questions?  Is the production quality high? Am I solving a problem? A very transparent host shares, “We don’t just talk about what we know here, we talk about what fascinates us and my podcast guests are all my mentors.”

Our goal is to learn the essence of peak performance, regardless of what aspect of the business of real estate is your focus.

GREEN’s “Real Estate Show” is a weekly podcast.

Michelle Moore, host of GREEN’s Real Estate Show Podcast


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