GREEN exists as an educational platform to give its users a “deep dive” into the topics of real estate. To help with the learning process, GREEN offers a company podcast that allows for a “behind the scenes” insight into the inner workings and strategic processes of the minds of professionals who deal with real estate on a daily basis.

The Real Estate Show Podcast by GREEN with your host Michelle Moore

As an entrepreneur, you need constant sources of inspiration to encourage you, renew your vision, energize yourself and spark new ideas.  In today’s ever-changing market don’t get left behind.  If you are a real estate agent, builder, or investor, GREEN (Global Real Estate Education Network) brings to you an award-winning author, real estate agent and instructor, Michelle Moore. She interviews leading real estate industry experts who share insider secrets and real-world tips that are easy to understand and on-point. No topic is off limits. As a matter of fact, Michelle is reinventing herself along with the audience. She is the real deal and always asking these questions:  Am I improving?  Could I get better at asking questions?  Is the production quality high? Am I solving a problem? A very transparent host shares, “We don’t just talk about what we know here, we talk about what fascinates us and my podcast guests are all my mentors.”

Our goal is to learn the essence of peak performance, regardless of what aspect of the business of real estate is your focus.

GREEN’s “Real Estate Show” is a weekly podcast.

Michelle Moore, host of GREEN’s Real Estate Show Podcast


7 Everyday Habits that Drain Our Energy with Michelle Moore
How would you like to be far more productive in your life? These habits that Michelle Moore ... drain both time and energy. Watch out for them!
5 Steps to Figuring Out If You Want to Purchase an Infill Homesite with Michelle Moore
Infill development is the process of developing vacant or under-used parcels within existing urban areas that are already largely developed. Michelle discusses five important things to keep in mind when purchasing a plot of land open to new construction.
3 Things Successful People Never Say with Michelle Moore
Have you ever paid attention to the words you say? Are they empowering or disempowering? Today, Michelle Moore discusses three seemingly harmless things that when said could hold you back from greatness.
S-U-C-C-E-S-S by the Letter with Michelle Moore
Michelle Moore breaks down success letter-by-letter and reveals that you already have what it takes to achieve your goals.
9 Affirmations to Build Confidence with Michelle Moore
People from all walks of life struggle with confidence issues. No matter how this occurred, there are some ways to deal with this in order to live a more fulfilling life. Michelle Moore shares with us some affirmations that can be beneficial to your success
7 Team Members Every Investor Should Have with Michelle Moore
Today, Michelle Moore discusses how vital having a professional team is. Team members look after one another, and their varied points of view and experience could prove priceless.
Do You Know Where You're Going?
What are your goals? What are you trying to accomplish? Today, Michelle Moore unveils simple yet powerful strategies that can better position you to achieve your dreams.
Social Media Questions to Stir up Interaction
Michelle Moore discusses how the creative use of questions can positively engage your social media following. Tune in to hear some great examples and bonus tips!
7 Questions Investors Should Ask a Realtor
Today, Michelle Moore discusses the many variables in real estate that investors might miss and how experienced real estate agents could prove invaluable.
Three Advantages of Working with a Direct Endorsed Lender with Tonya Esquibel
Mortgage Loan Originator Tonya Esquibel discusses the advantages of working with lenders permitted to underwrite for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the FHA, and the VA.
Three Water Problems that Threaten Your Home with Robert Elam
Structural Expert Robert Elam returns to discuss some adverse effects to your home that can be the result of water damage. Robert believes that water is the arch-enemy of a home. Listen in to find out what you should be looking for as you inspect any damaged areas.
Basics to Achieve Super Stardom with Michelle Moore
Are you someone who wants to stand out in your field? Achieving that goal may be easier than you think. Michelle Moore demystifies one of the keys to making super stardom a reality.
Two Ways to Measure Your Marketing with Michelle Moore
Is your marketing working for you? How can you tell? Have you taken the time to analyze the return on your efforts? In this episode, Michelle discusses how to take your marketing to the next level by learning how to gauge its true effectiveness.
The Power of Mental Contrasting with Michelle Moore
What is mental contrasting, and why is it so important? Michelle Moore discusses what it means to set goals for yourself and simultaneously plan for potential pitfalls along the way. If you've ever fallen short achieving your goals, this podcast is for you.
3 Indications a Home May Have Foundation Issues with Robert Elam
What are the indications that your home has foundation issues? Repairs of this type can become very expensive and time-consuming. Michelle Moore and Robert Elam discuss three readily apparent symptoms that can indicate that your home has foundation issues and how to handle them effectively.
Leadership Takes Sacrifice with Michelle Moore
What does it take to be an effective leader? What tasks do leaders perform in order to serve those impacted by their influence? In this episode, Michelle Moore discusses the crucial aspects of being in a position of leadership.
Two Must Haves for Email Signatures with Michelle Moore
The email signature is often considered a necessary tool that professionals use when communicating online. What makes it so effective? Michelle Moore discusses two simple yet powerful parts of the email signature that could increase sales and productivity. .
Five Killer Sales Questions to Close Any Deal Faster with Michelle Moore
It is easy to forget that closing is an essential part of the selling process. Asking great questions to frame the important issues for the buyer is crucial. It’s not about selling people something they don’t want. It’s about selling people the things they say they want and need. To that end, Michelle Moore offers five helpful scripts that get at the heart of the matter: helping you match the buyer with a property that works for them.
The Time Between Contract to Close with Michelle Moore
There is a difference between “easy” and “smooth.”  Every real estate transaction can bring its own share of issues, some bigger, some smaller. However, agents and brokers need to ask themselves: “What do I do in my transactions in order to make things go smoothly.” We must be self-reflective. In the end, clear and proactive communication goes a long way toward helping things go smoothly.
Three Requirements for Coaching with Michelle Moore
When you are in the picture, it is hard for you to see some of the solutions. That is why it is important to have a coach. However, if you make the decision to hire a coach you must 1) show up; 2) be coachable (i.e., know your weaknesses); and 3) follow through with what your coach instructs you to do.
Three Things Investors Should Know About Insurance Needs with Chris Lowry
Chris Lowry of Burns Insurance Group joins Michelle Moore and chats about insurance as it pertains to investors. First, Chris notes that flood insurance is changing. Because of the changing climate, proximity to water, any water, can be a threat. Flood insurance may be required and that impacts your bottom line. Second, if you have a significant volume of properties, consider swapping out your individual policies for a blanket policy that will give you a better rate.  Third, do NOT assume that vandalism is covered in your insurance policy. You have to ask for it. Finally, Chris reminds us that a builder or contractor working on your property should be required to have a certificate of insurance.
Four Things That Can Delay Your Closing with Toni Tyler-White
Toni Tyler-White, owner of Contract to Close Real Estate Services, Franklin, TN, visits Michelle and describes the delays caused by buyer financing issues, the closing disclosure not going out on time, when the buyer changes the lender without sharing it with the agent or title company, and a low appraisal.
The Secret to Progress with Michelle Moore
Taking action makes everything possible. Many don’t try because they fear failure. But you haven’t failed if you haven’t quit trying. Activity opens doors to opportunities that wouldn’t have been available otherwise. Intentional action is everything. Just start moving toward your goals.
Three Things Realtors Need to Know About Social Media with Michelle Moore
When posting on social media, think about who might be interested or affiliated with your topic and tag them. Use hashtags, both big concept hashtags (e.g., #luxuryhomes) but also localize your hashtags (e.g., #Dallasluxuryhomes). Post regularly and interact with those with comment. Bonus idea: you don’t have to master EVERY social media platform. Find your audience and use that platform.
The One Goal of Speaking with a Prospect with Michelle Moore
When speaking on the phone with a prospect, the goal of the real estate agent is always to get a face-to-face appointment. Michelle urges us not to try to push ourselves on them, selling them on why they need a real estate agent. Instead, get the appointment. Build rapport with them. Establish trust.
How Success Happens When You Purposefully Ask Yourself These Three Questions with Michelle Moore
The attainment of long-term goals doesn’t just happen by accident. Success comes from intentional action. Michelle Moore proposes that we ask this set of questions: 1) What do I want to accomplish this week to achieve my goals?; 2) What do I need to do each day to get where I am going?; and 3) Does my schedule reflect my goals?
Four Things an Agent Can Do to Have a Smooth Closing and Save Some Money with Tish Baldwin
Title attorney Tish Baldwin explains to Michelle that there are substantial savings to be had if the buyer knows how they want to hold title; is prepared with information regarding the existence of an HOA and insurance needs; and has great communication with the lender. Lastly, Tish recommends that if the buyer is paying for title policy, they should ask the seller if they have a policy that may be utilized.
Four Benefits of Using a Contract to Close Real Estate Service with Toni Tyler-White
Toni Tyler-White, owner of Contract to Close Real Estate Services, Franklin, TN, visits Michelle and outlines four ways her services make a difference for a real estate agent. Her business provides an assistant without the financial responsibilities; frees up the agent’s time by handling paperwork; extends the agent’s customer service; and takes pressure off the agent by handing the scheduling of key dates.
Three Reasons Email Lists Grow Your Business with Michelle Moore
The old saying that “The money is in the list” is spot on.  An email list is made up of people who have opted in to hear your message. Michelle Moore discusses how and why this can impact profits, how it ushers your audience into your sales funnel, and maintains direct contact with this audience.
3 Details You Need to Know about Host Advantage with Chris Lowry
Chris Lowry of Burns Insurance Group joins Michelle Moore and discusses three important details you should know about host advantage as it relates to the Airbnb world: liability; personal property; and frequency of rentals.