GREEN’s Talking Real Estate Podcast, Ep. 10

In Episode 10 of GREEN’s “Talking Real Estate” podcast, GREEN podcast host Brandon Patrick welcomes Thomas (aka Good Time Tommy) C. Davidson into the studio to discuss Tommy’s sometimes rough and winding journey in real estate. Davidson is a real estate Sales Manager at John Jones Real Estate LLC., in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (see In 2016, he concluded 90 real estate transactions and he is on pace for 100 in 2017.

Davidson has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur with a special skill set in real estate. His work in real estate is focused on his beloved hometown of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, of which he has been a lifelong resident. He is known for producing a series of video and written blogs ( see also in which he addresses a number of issues related to real estate and created a specific system around his unique abilities of educating and coaching clients, helping them make informed decisions. He is also known for producing superb Facebook Live videos (