Business Philosophy

Ultimately, your success is not simply based on the value of your system, but the value of your network of people.

-- Steve & Mark

GREEN Investor Clubs


Members of GREEN will automatically be a member of our GREEN Real Estate Investment Clubs Online. Any member may sponsor a GREEN Investor Club meeting in their area. These meetings are open to non-members by invitation. Our focus is to foster a binding culture of real estate training, education, networking, and shared ideas.

These clubs are the core of our organizational model for presentation of the GREEN business opportunity, but our primary focus is a continued establishment of local groups that educate, train, and mentor others in real estate. Additionally, these investor clubs will help develop a professional network for members of GREEN to pursue success in their business endeavors.

Real estate and networking go hand-in-hand. There is a massive market for real estate education and training, and there is a passionate community of people hungry for knowledge and networking opportunities.

Investor Clubs Taken to the Next Level


Obviously, real estate investor clubs, while nothing new, are of value to all real estate professionals. However, one limitation that ALL investor clubs share is that they are an event that occurs in a single geographical location. They are restricted to those who live nearby.

Imagine if you could remove the walls from your club meeting and welcome in participants from all over the country, and even all over the world! That is precisely what GREEN is doing with our investment club meeting, hosted at GREEN HQ in Nashville, TN.  Simply stated, we use our video teleconferencing platform to broadcast our meetings via the internet. Through the use of this technology, we can invite guests from all over the country to attend at no charge. Not only can anyone attend but anyone can participate fully, whether it be asking questions of the guest speaker or offering a potential real estate deal for everyone’s consideration.  Whether you live in Florida or New Jersey, California or Texas, you can fully participate in our meeting in Nashville!

Likewise, if YOU decide to start a GREEN Investment Club, you too can offer your meeting to investors around the country!  Let us show you how!