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A Mission to Inspire You

How GREEN Came To Be

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People Are Our Purpose

GREEN is a company unlike anything you’ll find in the real estate world. Our founder and all-star faculty have no financial need to build this business. They are all immensely successful professionals and investors.

What’s driving GREEN is a passion to make a difference. Think about it. Once you’ve discovered a way to change your own life, you can keep what you’ve learned to yourself – or you can share your discovery with others. It depends entirely on yourself values.

Everyone involved with GREEN is excited about seeing how many lives we can change with what we know. And we’re attracting Members who feel the same way. That’s why our method of building the business is all through word of mouth.

Steve’s Story

Steve Chaisson, the founder of GREEN, has been a top player in real estate for over twenty years. He’s made a $1 million in a single year, just in real estate commissions—quite apart from his investment gains. After so much success, Steve began to wonder how he could share his experience with others. He looked at how real estate is conventionally taught, and he saw a huge gap.

First, he realized that what people need first is the right network. So he began planning GREEN as the most dynamic and valuable business network ever created for real estate entrepreneurs. That way, he’d create an environment where people could find deals, collaborate on investments, and learn from each other.

Educating Entrepreneurs

Steve recognized that not everyone thinks like an entrepreneur—it’s a mindset that comes naturally to some people, but not all. So education became a vital part of the GREEN vision. That’s when he began to shape the principles that make GREEN unique.

So he tapped into the extraordinary network he’d developed because of his success. He quickly found a handful of leaders willing and excited to share their specialized knowledge. The GREEN faculty began to take shape.

Next came the technology platform designed to deliver a dynamic education that would create as much personal contact and interaction as possible. That’s because Steve knew from experience that mentorship is the heart of true learning—the kind of learning that changes lives.

Distributing Wealth and Knowledge

Finally, the question arose: how should we grow the company? Steve believes passionately in the value of networking, so a business plan based on that idea was the natural fit. As our purpose is to help people transform their financial lives, why not give them the opportunity to build GREEN along with us?

Steve consulted with the world’s top experts in every aspect of network marketing and designed a model that generates amazing compensation at every level of the business.

“I see GREEN as much more than just another company,” Steve explains. “This is a global movement to change lives through active learning and a friendly network of like-minded entrepreneurs. We’re building this for the long haul. In the decades to come, we see no limit to what we can contribute and what we can achieve.”


“GREEN is your team of mentors dedicated to your success.”

As a GREEN Member, your real estate and wealth-building education will be led by a handpicked team.

Meet our world-class mentors, each one with specialized experience and knowledge in their respective fields.

Every GREEN mentor teaches from a basis of personal, real-world success. Your mentors include:

Agent Training
Michelle Moore is a successful businesswoman who has earned over 40 sales, leadership, and literary awards throughout her career. She travels the country as an award-winning author, inspirational and motivational speaker, leadership coach, and sales trainer. She enjoys coaching, motivating, and inspiring men and women looking to achieve the highest level of success both professionally and personally. As the owner of Real Estate Coaching Simplified, the host of The Power of Real Estate radio show, and speaker for God Crazy Freedom Women’s Conferences, Michelle speaks truth, love, and empowerment into the lives of men and women throughout the world.
Michelle lives in Lebanon, Tennessee, with her husband of nearly twenty-four years, Jeff Moore, and their two sons, Dillon and Carson. When she’s not working or serving at church, you can find Michelle building forts out of pillows with her boys or planning their next adventure.
Business Skills
Dr. Daniel Zimmerman (Management, Colorado Technical University, 2016) is a Human Resource Consultant at Shaw Training and Consulting, LLC where he consults and trains leaders of industry based on workforce management concerns including strategic human resource management and on-boarding, selection, and retention of employees.
In addition to consulting, Daniel has taught at the graduate and doctoral level in academia and is a recognized thought leader among other distinctions in the field. Daniel helps his students achieve their goals while keeping them engaged through online and distant learning modalities.
Daniel enjoys playing drums, reading and spending time with this family.
Dr. Zimmerman and his team at Shaw are available for consultations and can be reached at
Personal Development
Rodger Blaker is a Professional Certified Coach who helps clients become more effective leaders. He also works with companies and professional organizations by conducting leadership workshops.
Prior to starting his coaching business in 2003, Rodger spent 23 years working in fortune 100 companies primarily in project management roles where he was responsible for leading projects to implement business operation and system change in support of executive and senior managers’ strategic plans.
One of his non-coaching passions has been to lead medical teams, dentists and support people to Brazil to bring medical and dental care and other essentials to the local people living on the Amazon River.
Rodger’s available for a consultation call for business coaching and leadership training. You can reach Rodger at
Real Estate Investment
Larry McCumber has been an investor for more than 25 years, investing in single family homes both for rentals and fix and flip. He has also invested in duplexes, multi-family, mobile homes, mobile home parks and commercial properties. He has also been a real estate trainer, coach and mentor since 1992 teaching for such people as Robert Allen, Carlton Sheets, Robert Shemin, J G Banks and many more. At present he owns his own company, Real Estate Consulting Group LLC ( that assists and guides investors in finding properties that fit their needs and attain their goals. Larry is also a licensed real estate agent in Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee.
Prior to joining GREEN he worked in management for the airline industry and has worked in 37 different countries around the world and travelled to over 100 countries. This experience has allowed him to become a very effective cross cultural communicator and assist foreign investors who would like to invest in the United States.
Wealth Building
Steve Holeman, Jr. is a Assistant Professor and Financial Representative who helps students learn corporate finance, personal money Management and Investment Principles build an audience and get more paying clients online.
Before teaching and instructing students, Steve spent fourteen years as an Exchange-Traded Fund Analyst and Portfolio Administrator for various financial companies in the Mid-Atlantic in U.S. After a successful career helping professional financial advisors and portfolio managers set up and trade client portfolios. Steve now helps individual clients with the financial needs and preparing for future financial plans.
Steve enjoys traveling and play golf when time permits and managing a small property rental business.
Kate’s available for finance and investment analysis, as well as private consultations. You can reach Steve at
Wealth Building
Juan Alvarez is a Broker Associate at eXp Realty, where he provides real estate solutions and advice to homeowners and investors.
Juan has a Master of Science in International Real Estate from Florida and over 30 years of real estate industry experience. His major strengths include real estate brokerage services, consultative and solution sales, market research, real estate financing, credit risk evaluation and loss mitigation. Additional strengths focus in the areas of real estate marketing, market analysis, property acquisitions and due diligence, investment financing, deal-making, negotiation and real estate education.
Juan nurtures high level networking activities with industry leaders and he is a builder of long-lasting professional relationships. He is results oriented, focused on making things happen and has a keen ability to seek opportunities. Juan is fully bilingual in English/Spanish. You can reach Juan at or 239-595-0755.
Wealth Building
Dr. Craig Bythewood (Finance, University of Florida, 1994) is a Life Coach/ Consultant and Online Professor for various organizations, where Dr. B, as he is affectionately known, teaches, mentors and advises firms, clients and students, including providing life-changing advice, and providing easy and effective specific tools and resources.
Bythewood has been a consultant for Hewlett Packard, JPMorgan Chase and the State of Florida. He also served as the Financial Education Director for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He received his doctorate in finance at the age of 26, among other distinctions in the field. Bythewood has the versatility, skill, and willingness to help all industries, every organization and each person to add value to their experience, as well as live a better professional and personal life.
On a personal note, for four straight years he participated as the annual co-host for ABC’s telecast of the St. Pete MLK Parade, which is currently the largest in the nation. He was also the 2007 award recipient of the National Hallmark Daddy Dance Off Contest. His hobbies include playing flag football and coaching travel and high school girls’ basketball. He is from Tampa, Florida. Please email or contact him freely at (813) 313-8446.
Wealth Building
Larry Cox is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a degree in business administration. He has over 17 years in the mortgage industry and has been with Republic State Mortgage Co. since 2009. He has lived in the Brentwood community since 1998 and serves as a volunteer at the therapeutic riding academy, Saddle Up!, in nearby Franklin.
Larry is considered by his peers as an expert in the subtle nuances of the USDA local program and is also well versed in the FHA and VA loan programs.;
Wealth Building
Tom Fisher, MBA is a Department Chair at American National University where he develops curriculum, trains faculty and teaches students accounting and business courses.
Tom has over 25 years of experience in business and accounting, earned an MBA from University of Phoenix, and has served as a Division Controller with a couple of large publicly traded corporations: Waste Management, Inc. and Affiliated Computer Services. In addition to a solid accounting career, he has also served as a business consultant for JDC Consultancy where he has written approximately 150 business plans over the past ten years for both immigration and financing purposes. Tom also served 8 years of active duty in the U.S. Air Force as an Information Manager.
Tom lives in Lexington, KY and his mission is to provide those who are starting a new business or purchasing an existing business with the practical expertise in completing a strategic business plan. He can be reached by email at or by cell at 859-338-1622.
Wealth Building
Dave Foster is the regional development director for Colorado-based Exchange Resource Group (, a qualified intermediary specializing in 1031 tax deferred exchanges.
Dave has worked throughout the United States in a wide variety of investment real estate markets. A degreed accountant with a Master’s Degree in Management, he has taught numerous certified continuing education classes on basic and advanced 1031 strategies at local Realtor associations throughout the country and is a frequent guest of real estate brokerage firms looking to train their agents to strategically use 1031 exchanges to benefit their business and their client’s bottom line.
Dave has over 20 years of experience in all phases of real estate investing from large scale institutional and residential development to small boutique real estate investments such as historical and ecologically sensitive projects, fix-n-flips, rental portfolios, and vacation and resort property development and management. He specializes in discovering multiple ways for each investor to create portfolio enhancing strategies using the power of the 1031 exchange.
Dave is active on the boards of the Colorado Online Virtual Academy, the premier college preparatory on-line charter school in the state of Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain Charter Collaborative. A former college basketball player and beach volleyball rat, Dave was inducted into the Colorado Christian University Athletic Hall of fame in 2007. He and his family enjoy frequent travel to developing countries throughout Central America and the Caribbean to provide medical missions work but still struggle to master the Spanish language. Dave and his bride of 26 years, Vicki, and four sons make their home on the waters of West Florida and the Keys where they spend their free time sailing, diving for lobster and sending enticing pictures of their adventures back to the office.
Phone 850.889.1031 || fax 303.496.1031 || Cell – 305-407-0740;
Wealth Building
Megan Galane, CISP is the Director of Business Development at Mountain West IRA, where she educated on alternative assets in self-directed IRA, including Traditional IRA, ROTH IRA, SEP, Simple, IndividualK) Plan, and Health Savings Account (HSA).
Megan is a member of the American Banking Association and Institute of Certified Bankers as a Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP). She helps investors use their retirement accounts to invest tax-free or tax-deferred. She also provides the educational tools for investors to ask for private funding through friends/family by utilizing their IRAs.
She is an avid beach goer and dog lover from Clearwater, FL. Please email or go to
Wealth Building
James Haick III is a financial advisor at Haick & Haick Financial Services, LLC (clearing through National Financial Services) where James helps individuals and families accomplish their investment goals. James offers a wide variety of investment products and services, including stock, bonds, mutual funds annuities and life insurance.
James started with Edward Jones Investments in 2002 and has owned his own financial service practice since 2006. He has offices in Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Saint Cloud, Orlando and Shelby, NC. Retirement planning and estate planning.
James is a huge sport and comic book fan and currently resides in Estero, FL. Please email or go to for more information
Wealth Building
Hope Hatfield is a CoFounder at Micro-Biz Consulting & Services, where Hope helps Small Business Owners with their Web, Social Media and Marketing needs at affordable pricing.
In addition to her business responsibilities with Micro-Biz Consulting, Hope teaches college classes, speaks to local businesses and women’s groups. She facilitates workshops and seminars on various business, marketing, technology and professional skills topics. Hope is also a freelance author and editor. To her book writing credit is: Professional Access 2000 Programming, Published in 2000 by Wrox Press Ltd., and On Stage: Image, Etiquette, Branding & Style, Published in 2007 by Professional Woman Network. Many of her writings and published articles include topics on issues among women, entrepreneurs, business and technology techniques.
Hope enjoys martial arts, running and kayaking. She is from Tampa, Florida. Please email or go to to contact Hope.
Wealth Building
Paul “Paulie” Kazanofski is one of the top real estate investors in the U.S. as well as a highly successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, and TV personality. He has been featured on A & E’s Bid, Build and Design and he has been the subject of a documentary called the 24-hour entrepreneur. Paulie was also a World Champion Kickboxer and he carries that intensity that he had in the ring right over into his work as an entrepreneur as well as when he coaches others on how to become successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs.
Paulie states “I knew I wanted to be successful from a really young age. I came up in a really tough neighborhood and I promised myself I would do whatever it took to live a better life than what I saw people living when I was growing up.” It’s this mentality that has led him to do 100’s of real estate deals (340+ fix and flips) and create a demand from others for him to show them how he did it. “I created the “Dream, Hustle, Thrive” system because so many people just kept insisting that I show them what I was doing. I never expected this kind of success, I mean I grew up dyslexic and now I’m an author!”
From humble beginnings, Paulie has achieved so much more than he ever imagined and that is exactly why he believes in helping others as much as possible. Kazanofski states “the reality is that my people are my family. I make sure that everyone that works for me or with me is happy and that they are in an environment where they can thrive because that is the most important part of the “Dream, Hustle, Thrive” system.
Wealth Building
Kol Peterson is an ADU expert based in Portland, Oregon, who has helped catalyze the exponential growth of ADUs in Portland over the last decade through ADU advocacy, education, consulting, policy work, and entrepreneurship. He is the author of Backdoor Revolution-The Definitive Guide to ADU Development. He is the owner of Caravan- The Tiny House Hotel, the first tiny house hotel in the world, and organizer of Portland’s popular ADU Tour. He consults with homeowners about ADUs on their property, and teaches ADU classes for homeowners and for real estate agents in Oregon, Washington, and California. He edits and manages,,, and
Kol developed and lived in a detached new construction ADU in 2011, and developed a basement/garage conversion ADU in 2018. He has a masters degree in environmental planning from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. Prior to his ADU work, Kol worked in the federal government for ten years in Washington, DC and Portland, Oregon.
Wealth Building
Sharon Restrepo is a real estate investor, broker at 32 West Realty and national speaker and author, where she buys, renovates, flips, rents and teaches other the same using videos, books, mentorship programs and home-study courses.
Sharon began investing at the young age of 25, after a set of tragic circumstances caused her to change direction in life. After years of experience, she began and continues to travel and teach countless new investors the unique niche of real estate investing, guiding them in the tricky nuances of this popular business.
Sharon is a highly sought-after speaker, available to share her vast experience and investing secrets with many audience types. Sharon resides and invests in sunny Palm Beach County, Florida where the real estate market is as hot as the weather.
Please email her at or visit to learn more about all of the investor-friendly services offered by their boutique brokerage.
Wealth Building
Larry Simons is owner and broker of HOME HUNTERS USA, Inc., a sales and property management real estate company that was established in 1975. After being awarded “SALESMAN of the YEAR” at another real estate firm in the area, Larry was recruited by Home Hunters to start up a sales department for the company in 1979. Later that year, Larry’s wife, Darlene, was recruited by the company to head up the property management division. Her accounting background made her a perfect candidate for the property manager and bookkeeping position. Together, they helped to make Home Hunters USA a leader in property management and investor sales in Lee County, Florida.
In 1995, they purchased the company from the creators. Since then, the company has grown to the point where it has produced millions in property management and sales commissions. Under their leadership, Home Hunters USA survived the Recession favorably and is growing again!
Home Improvement USA, Inc. is their Florida-licensed contractor since 1999. Larry holds the license with the State of Florida. The company does all of the rehabs for the investors that purchase to re-sell or hold and rent, and the “Rental Ready” preparations for the ongoing management of their hundreds of property management rentals (residential and commercial). Larry and Darlene have owned over 50+ residential units and 22,000+ square feet of commercial property. In addition, Larry has SOLD over $200M of real estate in his real estate sales career. He has been a Florida Certified Real Estate Instructor and worked for one of the largest nationwide real estate seminar companies for 14+ years.
Larry is a candidate for the prestigious CCIM designation with the National Association of Realtors. Because Larry’s teaching reflects his 40+ years’ experience in real estate, you can be assured that learning from him is focused on the REAL STUFF! (Been there, done that and got the polo shirt.)

A Bigger Purpose

Like its founder, GREEN is a value-driven organization. We believe that great things happen in business when we take care to deliver true value. We foster an ethical approach to every transaction, with a genuine pursuit of what’s best for both parties. This doesn’t require us to be weak: on the contrary, we’re teaching people how to take back their power and recover control over their lives. By doing things right, we make ourselves stronger and in the long term we add to our prosperity.

GREEN’s reason for being is to make life better for others and to create a worldwide community that helps raise the standards of business in real estate and beyond. If these values resonate with you, joining GREEN will prove one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

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