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How to Profit from Our Success

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Become A Green Partner

If you’re excited about sharing the power of entrepreneurship and real estate with others, then GREEN has a special role for you.

As an independent GREEN Partner, you’ll be creating a growing income on your schedule, at your pace. You’ll be sharing the benefits of GREEN’s education and mentoring programs with people you know, and you can also sponsor others to do the same. As your organization of GREEN Partners expands, you’ll earn rewards from their sales, as well as your own.

Your Income—Under Your Control

It’s up to you how much you earn as a GREEN Partner. You may just want to produce a little extra each month for those special luxuries or to pay down your credit cards. Perhaps you’ve set your sites higher. With GREEN you can build a whole new career with boundless opportunities for growth.

If you’re an experienced direct sales professional, you may be looking for a leadership role and a way to build “walk away wealth.” As a GREEN Partner, you define the goal and we’ll do everything to help you reach it.

More Than Money

There are other, less tangible rewards that come from being a GREEN Partner. You’ll relish the feeling you get from making a difference to others when you see the impact of GREEN’s life-change education and mentoring system.

And of course, when you share GREEN’s rewarding business opportunity, that gives you another way to impact people’s financial lives— sometimes dramatically.

In other words, GREEN can give you an “income of satisfaction” that grows as fast as your cash reward.


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