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GREEN Education

The GREEN Educational Effort: A Brief Overview

  • 1.  The GREEN “Real Estate Show” podcast

  • 2.  On-demand GREEN Video Courses

  • 3.  Live Weekly and Monthly video teleconference classes

  • 4.  GREEN Bootcamps and Practica

The Real Estate Show with Michelle Moore

As an entrepreneur, you need constant sources of inspiration to encourage you, renew your vision, energize yourself and spark new ideas. In today’s ever-changing market don’t get left behind. If you are a real estate agent, builder, or investor, GREEN (Global Real Estate Education Network) brings to you an award-winning author, real estate agent and instructor, Michelle Moore. She interviews leading real estate industry experts who share insider secrets and real-world tips that are easy to understand and on-point. No topic is off limits.

  • GREEN faculty member, Michelle Moore has extensive multi-media experience, both as a radio host and in the world of podcasting..
  • MICHELLE MOORE has been a licensed real estate agent for over twenty-two years and has earned over 40 sales, leadership, and literary awards throughout her career. In addition, she wrote the award-winning book Selling Simplified: 55 Fast Tips to Jump-start Your Real Estate Business and wrote and teaches Real Estate Selling Professional®, a 10-hour designation course for real estate agents. She is the host of The Power of Real Estate show which has produced nearly 100 episodes for radio and is now an ongoing podcast available on iTunes, Google Play, and the iHeart app. Regardless of the platform. Michelle always seeks to encourage, inspire, motivate, and educate men and women throughout the world through the use of mass media.

GREEN Coursework: One Faculty, Five Tracks and Three Delivery Methods

One Faculty

The GREEN faculty is an interesting blend of academics and practitioners — many GREEN teachers are BOTH.

Here are a few examples…

Juan Alvarez has a Master of Science in International Real Estate from Florida, has taught at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida, and has over 30 years of real estate industry experience. His major strengths include real estate brokerage services, consultative and solution sales, market research, real estate financing, credit risk evaluation and loss mitigation. Additional strengths focus in the areas of real estate marketing, market analysis, property acquisitions and due diligence, investment financing, deal-making, negotiation and real estate education.
Sharon Restrepo is a real estate investor, broker at 32 West Realty and national speaker and author, where she buys, renovates, flips, rents and teaches other the same using videos, books, mentorship programs and home-study courses.
Rodger Blaker is a Professional Certified Coach who helps clients become more effective leaders. He also works with companies and professional organizations by conducting leadership workshops. Prior to starting his coaching business in 2003, Rodger spent 23 years working in fortune 100 companies primarily in project management roles where he was responsible for leading projects to implement business operation and system change in support of executive and senior managers’ strategic plans.
Hope Hatfield is a CoFounder at Micro-Biz Consulting & Services, where Hope helps Small Business Owners with their Web, Social Media and Marketing needs at affordable pricing.
In addition to her business responsibilities with Micro-Biz Consulting, Hope teaches college classes, speaks to local businesses and women’s groups. She facilitates workshops and seminars on various business, marketing, technology and professional skills topics. Hope is also a freelance author and editor.
Dr. Craig Bythewood (Finance, University of Florida, 1994) is a Life Coach/ Consultant and Online Professor. Dr. B, as he is affectionately known, teaches, mentors and advises firms, clients and students, including providing life-changing advice, and providing easy and effective specific tools and resources.
Bythewood has been a consultant for Hewlett Packard, JPMorgan Chase and the State of Florida. He also served as the Financial Education Director for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He received his doctorate in finance at the age of 26, among other distinctions in the field. Bythewood has the versatility, skill, and willingness to help all industries, every organization and each person to add value to their experience, as well as live a better professional and personal life.

Five Tracks

GREEN offers education in five different tracks:

Real Estate Investment

watch video

Wealth Building

watch video

Business Skills

watch video

Personal Development


Agent Training


The goals here are…

  • to develop you as a person;
  • to teach you good financial management beginning with your personal finances and spanning your investment methods (ideally in a tax-deferred environment);
  • to train you how to be successful in real estate (as an agent or investor…or BOTH!!); and
  • to form you as an entrepreneur with strong business practices.

Three Course Delivery Methods

  • On-demand Courses

We know you live a busy life. That’s why we offer what we call “Netflix for real estate and business.” Our ever-growing library of instructional courses reflects the five tracks outlined before.

We believe that this is a good way to expand your knowledge and grow your abilities as a real estate entrepreneur. Here are a few examples:

  • Home Inspection 101: Inspect Your Home Like a Pro
  • Simple Real Estate Investing
  • Introduction to Wholesaling
  • The 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange: An Introduction
  • Live Weekly and Monthly Video Teleconference Courses

The ability to interact with GREEN experts (i.e., mentor with millionaires) in a live face-to-face environment is a crucially important element of GREEN’s educational effort.

At GREEN, we believe that a better way to learn is through personal instruction and interaction with experts. Not only are you given their knowledge BUT you also get the opportunity to ask the follow-up questions move you from learner to doer.

  • GREEN Boot Camps and Practica

The key to learning is engaging as many senses as possible in the learning experience. A class where you hear instruction is good. A class where you hear instruction and see the tools of the trade is better. And a class where you hear instruction, see the tools of the trade, and get to touch/use them is the best!

GREEN offers you “boots on the ground” opportunities to learn by doing in our boot camps and practica courses. Here you will join GREEN experts in doing real estate!