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The Green Pathway to Financial Freedom

Discover How Active Learning Changes Lives!

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The Green Pathway to Freedom

Why Real Estate Endures

Whatever your goal, there’s no surer path to reach it than real estate. Most of the world’s wealthiest people made their money or grew their fortunes through real estate. Every year, thousands of ordinary people discover real estate’s wealth-building power. Now, it’s your turn!

Choose the Real Deal

If you’re looking for lasting prosperity, don’t be distracted by passing fads. Are you tempted by exotic currencies, or cryptos, or trading options? Beware! In those paper worlds, a handful of experts make the money and most newcomers are crushed.

Real estate is… real! As a financial asset, physical property has a permanence and dependability that just can’t be matched in the financial world. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Real estate is the passport to a solid future and offers the potential of unlimited wealth.

What’s Your Dream?

The first step is to define your destination. “Freedom” means different things to different people. All that matters is what “freedom” means to you. And the best way to discover that is through the GREEN Freedom Assessment. Take part now: it’s free AND confidential:

DiSC Assessment with Rodger Blaker

The Active Learning System

The GREEN Pathway to Freedom is based on a unique methodology we call the Active Learning System. There are five key principles that make the GREEN Active Learning System so effective in changing lives:

  • Action-focused education, so you get results
  • Multiple specialists providing maximum know-how
  • Tailored learning to match your goals and experience
  • Expert mentorship with lots of personal interaction
  • A community of learners for support and networking

The GREEN Active Learning System is delivered using some of the world’s most advanced online technologies. Just as important, GREEN hosts live workshops and local meetups, so you get plenty of face-to-face contact with the GREEN Network.

Join the Green Dealmakers Club

As a GREEN Master Member, you’re automatically enrolled in the GREEN Dealmakers Club, where you can share and find real estate deals.

Your benefits include:

  • Access the GREEN Deal Board to post or see deals
  • Ability to consult GREEN’s real estate faculty on the potential of a particular deal
  • The chance to connect with nearby Members to share intelligence on your local market
  • The opportunity to set up a local Chapter of the GREEN Dealmakers Club
  • Receiving meeting guidelines and advice on running your local Chapter
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The All-Star Faculty

GREEN is led by real estate professionals who’ve proven their leadership through extraordinary results. Each of them is a specialist in a particular field of real estate. This is part of the GREEN secret: connecting you to multiple experts, so you build fully rounded knowledge.

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Five Tracks + 3 Levels to Match Your Needs

When it comes to building wealth, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Each of us are at different stages of our journey. We each have unique goals, levels of know-how, and financial resources. That’s why GREEN provides not one but FIVE tracks for your wealth creation program.

Program Tracks
Program Levels
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Grow Yourself to Grow Your Wealth

It’s easy to believe that all you need for success is more money. In reality, money is a byproduct of your own development. The way to change your circumstances is to change yourself. That’s hard to do alone… But it’s fun and inspiring when you’re sharing the journey with others—especially when you’re led by true experts in personal development.

Think Like an Entrepreneur

To succeed in real estate, as in every business, you need to acquire the entrepreneurial mindset: an inner spark that keeps you looking for opportunities and moving forward no matter what happens. You also need the basic skills of negotiation, creating win-win solutions where value is fairly exchanged. Some people have these qualities naturally, but anyone can learn or strengthen them with the guidance of great mentors.

Master Your Inner Game

GREEN believes passionately in helping you master the “inner game” of success. That’s why we devote an entire education track to the theme of Personal Development. You’ll find that once you start on this track, your appetite for personal learning will just keep expanding.

More than that, you’ll be amazed by how attention to your own mindset, beliefs and attitudes transforms what you see in your financial statements!

Make Our Network Your Network

The power of networking was the original inspiration for GREEN and it remains a central purpose. That’s because our leaders know from experience that success depends, first and foremost, on who you know.

Sometimes there’s just one missing piece of information, or one essential skill, or one point of access, between you and a massively profitable outcome. This is especially true in real estate. By knowing the right people, you find the right deal. And once you’re involved with a property, you can find a multitude of experts to get it rehabbed, valued, marketed and managed.

A Community to Inspire You

Your GREEN network has another function, too. You’ll be part of an inspiring community of people like yourself, all pursuing their own paths to freedom. This will give you tremendous energy and encouragement, especially when you meet challenges along the way.

The best way to learn is to learn with others, and the fastest path to growth is through building a great network. That’s what GREEN is all about. Over time, as you build your connections, you’ll take pride in belonging to this exclusive gathering of dynamic and courageous individuals.

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Your Decision: Stay with the Past or Choose the Future?

Have you already tried to break out of your current financial situation? Are you frustrated by the results? Here are some of things many people have tried—perhaps you, too:

  • Follow a popular “guru” of finance or real estate
  • Read books and watch lots of videos
  • Learn alone
  • Postpone action until you have “enough” information
  • Rush out and do the first deal that comes your way

None of these old methods work for long… if at all. The trouble with “gurus” is that they only teach one way to get rich—and it’s often NOT the way they made their own wealth. You need multiple mentors, with multiple tracks to your goal, so you can choose the one that matches your needs.

The Magic of Mentorship

As for reading books and watching videos — that’s only half an education. The other half, even more important, is mentorship—interaction with experts who can give you personal guidance. Learning alone almost never works: you need engagement with several teachers and a lively group of fellow-learners.

Finally, action is the key to getting results. If you keep procrastinating, you’ll never change your life. And if you rush into action too soon, you’ll burn your chances and lose heart. Knowing just when and how to act is why mentorship is so important.

GREEN has made a total break with the old ways that don’t work. This is the new road to riches and you should be on it now!

You Can Have What “They” Have

The GREEN professionals and network members aren’t any different from you. They had to learn what they know now and they’re only successful because they took action. You can have the success they enjoy—and more.

All you need is this simple formula: Knowledge + Mentorship + Network + Action

Once you combine these ingredients, the transformation you’re looking for is all but guaranteed. And that’s the recipe GREEN has created for you.

The Voices That Say “No”

By now, you should be ready to jump in and seize your future with both hands. But you may be hearing voices in your head that tell you to hold back:

  • “It works for others, but it won’t work for me.”
  • “I don’t have time.”
  • “I’m no good at real estate / investment / business.”
  • “I don’t have enough money.”
  • “Why should I trust these people?”

There’s really one answer to all these worries: look at the “risk” you’ll take by joining GREEN, and compare that with the possible rewards.

As a GREEN Member you’re investing a little cash every month and some hours out of your schedule—knowing you can cancel any time. On the upside, you have an unlimited financial future to look forward to, with incalculable material and personal benefits.

Hands-On Learning

The GREEN Mentors have proven their success already. But more than that, they will be showing you actual deals they are doing as you learn with them. And you’ll be directly guided to follow in their footsteps.

The truth is, you’ll never have enough time or money unless you decide to make a BIG change. GREEN makes that big change as easy and fun as possible. So why postpone the future desire? Join GREEN now!

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Be the Leader of Your Life

Everyone dreams of a better life. But sadly, most people won’t do what it takes. They’ll stay trapped in an uncertain economy, trusting their job lasts, praying that social security and a few savings will be enough. What they call a “plan for retirement” is really a plan for poverty.

It’s Your Choice

Are you someone who wants to be different? Are you ready to do what others only realize in their dreams? Are you the leader of your life? If you are, GREEN is for you. We believe there are no limits to what you can achieve, no matter where you start from today. We’ve proven that with our own lives.

To succeed with GREEN, you don’t need lots of money. You don’t need special qualifications. You just need a firm decision: “I will do what it takes to live my dreams!” Then take one simple step: Join Green!

Make Your Choice

Now you see what’s possible for you with GREEN, your next step is simply to choose your level of membership.


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