Welcome to GREEN: Orientation for New Members

So you just joined GREEN but you could use a little help 1) navigating our educational offerings; 2) understanding how to benefit from our MLM opportunity; 3) learning to utilize our video teleconferencing platform; and 4) start networking on real estate deals with other professionals around the country. Well, look no further!  GREEN CEO Steve Chaisson and GREEN Director of Education Andrea Lorenzo Molinari, Ph.D. team up each week to welcome you to the company to loves real estate and wants to see you succeed.  Join us each Thursday, from 11am to 11:30am Central, for tips and insider assistance.


Here is the link:   https://v7.omnijoin.com/join?dn=2RCN555KZ



PLEASE NOTE: When you click on the above link, you will be asked to allow a quick platform download (about 10 seconds). If all works as it should, you will see the platform load up. You will see yourself in a test window and be given the opportunity to test your microphone.


We recommend that (as with all video teleconferencing), you login on a computer that has a hard line connection to the internet. You CAN use WIFI but the signal rarely stays stable enough to support a quality video teleconferencing experience.


You will need a video camera (a built in camera will suffice for now).  Long term, we recommend the Logitech c920 for a quality camera at an affordable price (usually under $80). We also recommend that you use a headset with built in microphone. Even a simple $20 headset from Walmart works just fine. The headset helps to prevent needless feedback where the audio from other conference attendees cycles back into your microphone and causes distortion.


If you have ANY difficulty in logging in to the video teleconference meeting room, we suggest that you call the OmniJoin Tech Support line.  They are excellent and will have you functioning in minutes.  About 95% of the people we conference with have NO problems logging in… but that means that 5% do. The Tech Support line is (858) 637-3414.  Please note that the OmniJoin Tech Center is in California so there is a time difference to take into consideration.  They are open until 5pm Pacific.