SPECIAL FREE EVENT: Tax-advantaged Real Estate Investing When You’ve Maxed Out Your IRA Contributions

Tax-advantaged Real Estate Investing When You’ve Maxed Out Your IRA Contributions

Wouldn’t it be nice to put your money into a nice, safe, principal-protected investment and borrow against it to do your real estate investing? When you do this you are literally putting your money to work in two places at one time. Tune in and learn about the amazing asset class that makes this possible.
Mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 8, 2017, at NOON to 1:00 p.m. CST. Please feel free to bring your lunch (and all your questions)!

Our Presenter —

Tom Rutkowski, founder/owner of Innovative Retirement Strategies of West Palm Beach, Florida (http://innovativeretirementstrategies.com/), graduated with an MBA in Finance and Investments from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 1995.  He started investing at 20 years of age.  After riding out many of the ups and downs of the market, he figured out that a simple indexed approach to investing was the best way to outperform the market.  His graduate research showed that only 1/3 of mutual funds and professional money managers can beat an un-managed index mutual fund.  Much more recently, as the need to protect his principal gets more important, he discovered an even better way to save for retirement: Indexed Universal Life Insurance coupled with safe financial alternatives and real estate.

(Editor’s Note: Indexed Universal Life Insurance allows the cash value of a life insurance policy to earn interest equivalent to the return on a stock market index.  The returns are subject to a cap and a floor.  Policy holders can get stock market-like returns with none of the market risk of actually being invested in the market.)



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