The GREEN Selling System for Real Estate Agents with Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore Author

Michelle Moore, realtor, author, inspirational and motivational speaker, leadership coach, and sales trainer.

Do you have trouble getting listings after doing your listing presentation? Or do you get listings but having trouble getting them to the closing table? Regardless if you’re a brand new real estate agent or you’ve been a licensed agent for twenty years, you need this class. By taking the GREEN Selling System course, real estate agents learn how to effectively sell which can lead to increased business profits. Applying proven business and selling techniques, systems, and strategies leads to being efficient and effective and expands your capabilities, increases your reach, and builds trust with your clients.


What You Gain with the GREEN Selling System:

#1 Countless insider secrets, tips, tools, and techniques to help you reach your peak potential

#2 A super easy step-by-step system that guarantees you’ll reach your biggest financial goals

#3 The one thing that can make or break any deal in a heartbeat

#4 The 5 must-have selling steps that ensure your success

#5 The skills to earn the right to close your prospects and clients


Does this sound good to you? If so, block off your calendar EACH WEDNESDAY BEGINNING June 20th (through October 17th) at 1pm CENTRAL and join Michelle Moore, an industry pro who has won over 40 real estate sales and leadership awards!

Class Topical Outline

Lesson 1: Your Big Why
Lesson 2: Correct Your Mindset
Lesson 3: Know Your Numbers, Set Goals, Track and Score Results, and Celebrate Accomplishments
Lesson 4: Manage Your Time
Lesson 5: Create a Lead Management System
Lesson 6: Create a Touch Plan
Lesson 7: Generate Leads
Lesson 8: Network Powerfully
Lesson 9: Learn Temperament Styles
Lesson 10: Learn the Three Modes of Communication
Lesson 11: Learn the Sales Process
Lesson 12: Become a Master Negotiator
Lesson 13: Deliver a Dynamic Listing Presentation
Lesson 14: Fearless Follow Up
Lesson 15: Provide Unparalleled Customer Service / Set Clear Expectations
Lesson 16: Collect Client Testimonials and Ask for Referrals
Lesson 17: Create a Great Team and Be a Great Team Player



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We also recommend that you use a headset with built-in microphone. Even a simple $20 headset from Walmart works just fine. The headset helps to prevent needless feedback where the audio from other conference attendees cycles back into your microphone and causes distortion. If you love tech and want more options, check out ZOOM’s recommendations (


If you have ANY difficulty in logging in to the ZOOM video teleconference meeting room, we suggest that you call the Zoom Tech Support line.  They are excellent and will have you functioning in minutes.  About 95% of the people we conference with have NO problems logging in… but that means that 5% do. The Tech Support line is (888)799-9666 ext 2 or (650) 397-6096 ext 2.