Monday GREEN Business Opportunity

Join GREEN CEO Steve Chaisson and President of Promotions, Marketing and Sales, Mark LePera EVERY Monday at 11am Central to hear about the GREEN Business Opportunity. Steve and Mark’s sessions include a description of the value of the Compensation Plan and its ability to create residual income for GREEN members. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!






Join Steve and Mark on the GREEN video teleconferencing platform here at:

GREEN has three branches.

First, we are an online, interactive, RE education company, focusing on the finer parts of real estate investing, agent and broker training, and personal development. This type of education gives you a personalized, mentor-based feeling that brings our education home with you. Each week we plan to offer LIVE, video teleconference-based classes on various subjects taught by professional RE educators or highly experienced business persons. We will expand our course content continually.

Secondly, our global video teleconferencing platform allows you to never miss a GREEN Investment Club meeting because every meetup is broadcast live and interactive. Imagine, being involved in your investment club meeting while at your child’s baseball game, or while you are away (possibly at the beach). These meetings can be hosted from anywhere in the country. How about a Florida GREEN Investment Club or one based in NJ, LA, wherever? How about other cities (or countries) tuning into your meeting and looking at your offerings? That’s networking.

Lastly, we allow our members to make additional income by offering the opportunity to share this wonderful business with others and make up to a 15% commission per member. With our unique and fully vetted network marketing aspect, you can offset you membership fee and even make a great income being an individual representative.

We offer all the education and networking for only $99.97 per month and the rep opportunity for only an additional $9.97 per month. That’s it! A continuously expanding online education company, a global networking group, and a “ground floor” business opportunity all for less than $110 per month.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a company in its infancy. Don’t let it pass by without a look see. Join us and hear more about GREEN and what we can offer YOU!