The Life Cycle of the Real Estate Investor

The Life Cycle of the Real Estate Investor

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The Life Cycle of the Real Estate Investor

We all have moments where we say to ourselves, “If only I knew then, what I know now!” Such statements only underscore the importance of mentors and coaches in all facets of our lives, including our business dealings.


In this mini-course, aimed at the beginning investor (but not at all unhelpful to even the seasoned investor) Dave Foster provides an overview of the complete cycle of a real estate investor’s career from the first steps embarking on a career of real estate investing to the strategic planning needed to exit at the end.  Foster places special emphasis on team-building and gain preservation/tax mitigation at each stage.  In this intriguing overview, Foster explores the differences in mindset and needs between the novice-intermediate- and advanced investor and discusses just how those needs could result in actions to maximize their career at each level.

Course Durations: 1 hour 20 mins 3 secs

Introduction to the Life Cycle of the Real Estate Investor

Stage 1: The Beginner, part 2 -- Building your Professional Team

Excursus: Making Your Real Estate Career Great

Stage 2: The Intermediate Investor: Basic Explanation

Meet Our Course Teacher

Dave Foster
Dave Foster

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