So You Want to be a Broker?

So You Want to be a Broker?

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So You Want to be a Broker?

There comes a point in the career of every real estate agent where you ask yourself? Do I have what it takes to be a broker? Am I ready to take the next step and open my own firm?


There are many practical aspects of starting your own real estate office: What about desk fees? How will you do the split? How will you divvy up mundane office duties? How will you cultivate a good office culture that feels like home to your agents? What will be your niche in your market?


Join Patti Ketcham, acclaimed real estate educator and Broker/Owner Ketcham Realty Group, Inc., Tallahassee, FL, as she offers essential advice for real estate sales associates as they consider becoming a broker, possibly starting their own firm.

Course Durations: 56min 57sec

Introduction; Three Wise Men (or Women)

Regarding Financial Arrangements with Your Agents

Recruiting Agents (or Not)

Training Your Agents -- and Feeding Them Too!

Business Meetings and Utilizing the Strengths of Your Team

Deciding How to Present Your Firm to the Community

Meet Our Course Teacher

Patti Ketcham
Patti Ketcham

Broker Training; Agent Training

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