Simple Real Estate Investing

Simple Real Estate Investing

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Simple Real Estate Investing

It is no secret that real estate offers the best opportunities for wealth-building investments. However, getting started can be pretty daunting for someone who doesn’t know where or how to begin.  That is where having an experienced and knowledgeable mentor can make all the difference between success and failure.  But where can you find such a guide. Fortunately, Larry Simons, a real estate agent and broker based in Fort Myers/ Cape Coral, Florida, has over forty years of experience in the field of real estate.  In addition, he has a great passion to share his experiences, both successes and failures, with others who wish to learn how to do what he has done so well for so long.


In Simple Real Estate Investing, Larry Simons offers a simple, but not easy, approach to long-term wealth-building by means of wise real estate investments. In an easy to understand, conversational style, Larry guides you step by step into the fascinating field of real estate.

Be advised that this course is "in progress." We have posted the first FOUR sections but more are coming!

Course Durations: 2 hrs 27 mins 39 secs

Section 1. Meet Your Instructor

Section 1. An Example of Long Term Wealth Building

Section 1. Financing

Section 1. How to Present Yourself

Section 2. Auctions

Section 3. Introduction

Section 3. Initial Evaluation

Section 3. Making the Most of the Unique Aspects of the Property

Section 3. Creative Thinking About the Property

Section 4. The Numbers: Backing Into a Flip, part 1

Section 4. The Numbers: Backing Into a Flip, part 2

Meet Our Course Teacher

Larry Simons
Larry Simons

Real estate investing; Alternative/creative financing; Unique marketing ideas; Sales training; Simple Health

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