Low and No Money Down Buying

Low and No Money Down Buying

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Low and No Money Down Buying

So you want to get involved in real estate investment but you don’t have much money available for your investments? Believe it or not, there are a variety of proven methods for buying real estate with little or no money.


GREEN President Mark LePera has purchased literally hundreds of properties over the course of his career, using a whole range of approaches. In this course, LePera begins by explaining the many options for buying real estate that are available, noting which ones are best for low money down and which enable you to buy with no money down. After this overview, Mark offers you the step by step approach to finding these buying opportunities, sharing stories of both his successes and his failures for your benefit.


Mark advocates a “hands on” approach to real estate, encouraging his students to get out there and meet people, listen to their stories and offer them real options. He describes a host of practical actions the investor can and should take such as knocking on doors and posting signs and walking the neighborhoods in which you hope to buy.


Mark invites his viewers to interact with him and share their real estate stories, what works for them and what doesn’t. This chance for ongoing interaction is made possible in that, beyond this video course, Mark offers a twice-monthly live and interactive course, How to Finance a Property with Little or No Money Down, on the GREEN video teleconferencing platform, every second and fourth Friday of every month at 12:00-1:00 p.m. Central.  See the GREEN Calendar of Events (https://www.learnfromgreen.com/calendar/) and join Mark for further discussion of these and more real estate-related issues.

Course Durations: 1 hour 46 min 19 secs

Buying real estate vs. real estate investing: Introduction

Buying real estate: Risks, No Funds, Time, Health and Location

Real Estate Investing, part 1: Selling Information, Knocking on Doors

Real Estate Investing, part 2: Mail Outs, Signs, Business Cards

Real Estate Investing, part 3: Walking, Talking, Listening, Contracts, Selling Leads

Real Estate Investing, part 4: Systems, Investor Clubs

A Real Estate Anecdote: Just Putting People Together

Irina’s Story: How One Investor’s Career Began

So You Made it to the Client’s Front Door: Now What?

Talking with the Client: General Approach

Talking with the Client: As BOTH a Realtor and an Investor

Selling the Property Once You Have It

What's Next??

Meet Our Course Teacher

Mark LePera
Mark LePera

Quick sales; No money down buying; Alternative Financing; Networking

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