Home Inspection 101: Inspect Your Home Like a Pro

Home Inspection 101: Inspect Your Home Like a Pro

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Home Inspection 101: Inspect Your Home Like a Pro

While it’s not recommended to do your own inspections, Tim will show you what to look for and what to look out for when buying and maintaining a house.



Let’s get this straight: By offering this course, we are NOT attempting to train you to become a certified home inspector. (Although, if you are interested in this important and rewarding career, we would be very happy to connect you with Tim so that he can advise you as to how you should go about acquiring the training and mentoring necessary to enter the field.  Believe this: Home inspectors do important work. Their investigations, properly and thoroughly executed can and do save lives by ferreting out potential dangers before they can result in fatalities.)



The purpose of this course is to help investors and home buyers develop a basic awareness of what to look for as they evaluate properties for possible purchase. Obviously, these basic skills we are hoping to teach will NOT take the place of having a certified home inspector go through a potential purchase property. However, they may help you form an initial opinion, helping you to decide whether or not a property is worth bringing in an expert for formal inspection. Further, Tim’s course will help you acquire the basic language and knowledge so that you can enter into a more profitable discussion with your home inspector, enabling you to ask better, more intelligent questions.



Who is the intended audience of this course?  Anyone who ever bought a house or intends to do so in the future.

Course Durations: 1 hour 55 minutes

Introduction: Meet Tim Hicks

Exploring the Attic

Heating and Cooling

Meet Our Course Teacher

Tim Hicks
Tim Hicks

Home Inspections

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