The GREEN Business Opportunity

Real Estate Education and Personal Development are multi-billion dollar industries. With GREEN, you have the opportunity to earn a substantial residual income while learning from experienced business professionals — a true “win-win” scenario. GREEN has brought to network marketing a product that truly makes sense. Whether you find your next real estate deal or network with your next client, GREEN provides multiple pathways to success.

The GREEN value proposition goes far beyond our compensation plan. Here are some things to consider with the GREEN business opportunity:

  1. Everyone needs education and training in real estate and personal development, regardless if they are just starting out in the field or if they are a seasoned professional.
  2. GREEN provides a format not only for education but a platform to grow your existing professional network.
  3. Real estate agents are some of the best network marketers and this product is an amazing fit for real estate agents.
  4. GREEN appeals to professionals and highly influential people who have already spent significant time and energy developing their networks.
  5. GREEN is tapping into a passionate culture that already exists for real estate self-improvement.
  6. You can cold sell GREEN . This is not a product that will alienate your warm market.
  7. It is difficult to place a value on your personal business network but GREEN pays you to grow this network.
  8. GREEN trainers are vested in your success. They have downlines and benefits from company growth.
  9. GREEN has no start up fees other than our monthly enrollment. You can own your own business for $109.94.
  10. Network marketing is a powerful business model and GREEN is a perfect fit for network marketing.

We look forward to sharing with you our passion for real estate and helping you grow your business!