Open it Up: The Open-Plan Layout Gains Greater Momentum

Decades ago, the gritty downtown loft occupied by artists and other entrepreneurs working from home was hardly envied, except perhaps for its generous square footage and large industrial windows.   But the concept of having one big space—with maybe bedrooms and bathrooms sectioned off—gained interest with publication of more books about the property type and […]

Looking Ahead: Early Fall Home Maintenance

It certainly does not feel like it outside today in Southern Indiana, but we are quickly approaching September and the upcoming fall season. Where I live, we typically have a fairly warm (okay, hot) September and finally see temperatures cool off near the end of the month. Although many in this area are done with […]

Designing a Space for Little Ones (While Keeping Resale in Mind)

There is one room in the house that always gets planned out, painted, and decorated with greatest care: the kid’s room. Whether you’re starting out as a new parent and designing a nursery for your little bundle of joy or updating to give your kiddo a “big girl” or “big boy” room as they get older, we always want our children to feel their room is cozy, safe, and fun for them.

A Few of my Favorite Home Websites

If you’re like me, these long summer days have you looking at your home and yard in new ways. For some reason, this time of year always makes me want to update, refresh, and spruce up our abode. I guess the warmer (I mean hot, humid) weather and fresh air gives me renewed energy and […]

Appraising a House as “Green” to Add Value

As homes have become greener and even reached net zero status (i.e., the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site), it’s become more important for sellers and builders to tout such advantages to buyers.