Mark LePera, Co-founder and President

Mark “Boss Hog” LePera hails originally from the working-class neighborhoods of Philadelphia, born in 1958, of parents Sam (99) and Valerie (deceased). Mark worked in the construction business for his father as a mason and carpenter, then project manager. At 25, he took control of the business, moving to Florida in 1983. Working on many real estate projects brought him to license as an agent in 2001. At that point, he started buying real estate in a big way. By 2005, he launched Mark 1 Realty in Ft. Myers, FL and started buying nationally.

Mark, like many investors, suffered the loss of everything in the crash of ’08 but has now rebounded and transitioned to the bustling twang of country music in Nashville, TN, the new home and Corporate Headquarters of Global Real Estate Education Network (GREEN) where he and his partner have begun to offer cutting edge educational opportunities for real estate minded persons.

Mark is co-founder and President of GREEN, focusing on the Promotion, Marketing, and Sales of GREEN. He travels nationally speaking about the need for professional education and global networking promoting the GREEN business plan.

Mark LePera’s educational background includes an AA in Accounting and Marketing (Edison College, 1993), BA in Business Management and Administration (Hodges University, 2009), and an MA in Pastoral Theology (Barry University, 2013). His ongoing goals involve a desire to educate and assist anyone with a desire to start a business and succeed.