Marcus Guillory, Director of Technology (Videography & Graphic Design)

Marcus is a two-time graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, a former Marine, and a fast-rising associate in a Fortune 500 company. He has created branding and marketing pieces for non-profits, restaurants, talent agencies, musicians and voice actors worldwide.

Marcus states “I love people. I believe in people. I believe that the quality of a person’s life is directly related to the amount (and quality of) education they have. Many of my friends and family consider me a natural teacher because I try to take the complex and make it as simple as possible. Video, design, and music are my tools in this respect. I delight in how art and music can reach us in ways that no words ever could.”

For years, Marcus never knew what he wanted to do with his life. However, there was the constant call of real estate, development, and helping others. Consistently enthralled by those who have found success by serving the public, he has chosen to apply himself with this goal in mind. Now, Marcus embraces the ideology of consistent and never-ending improvement. He aims to make positive changes to society that would be hard to erase.