Planning Spaces in a New Home

Walking into a new home for the first time can feel like heading into a foreign land. You love the home, or you wouldn’t have bought it, but it can still be a bit strange and unfamiliar. Where will everything go? How will you arrange each room? Will your furniture and décor look “right” in this new place?

Tis the Season – Less Competition and More Giving

Welcome back! We are now officially in the thick of the buzzing holiday season — even though we’ve seen festive touches popping up for weeks — and my company’s office has been buzzing with talk of the deals on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday (see my previous blog!!), and Cyber Monday, which has actually turned […]

I’m Breaking All My Own Rules – And You Can Too

I have written about real estate for 3+ years, and made recommendations to dozens of clients about how to ready their homes for a quick sale. My typical recommendations and “must do” tasks include cleaning the house from top to bottom, decluttering, removing all personal mementoes, staging, and investing in professional listing photographs. Let me tell you all a secret. I’m not exactly following my own recommendations.

Supporting Small Business Saturday – and How It Could Benefit Your Business

As Realtors or Investors, we are technically each small business owners in charge of our own success, so we completely understand the excitement, fear, stress, and pride other small business owners experience. We also believe these small businesses make our communities stand out. They provide a variety of outstanding products and showcase the incredibly talented makers and designers we have around the country.

A Guide for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

I have always been taught to steer clients away from putting their homes on the market close to the holiday season. We are rapidly approaching Thanksgiving, and then it will be full speed ahead to Christmas. The next two months typically fly by due to family gatherings, social events, school functions, and all the other […]

New Construction vs. Remodel and Renovate – Which Direction is Best?, Part 2

While a major remodel is a time-consuming and likely an inconvenient venture, the results are downright spectacular in many cases. Admittedly, I am partial to older homes. Their character, unique features, ample space and storage, and established yards just speak to me in ways new construction does not. This blog will go through the most important categories to consider in embarking upon a remodel.

Bouncing Back from a Low Appraisal

One of the worst feelings a seller (and agent) can experience during a real estate transaction is the gut-punch delivered by a low appraisal. I have worked through this situation both as a realtor and homeowner, and I can attest that neither “side” has the easier task to get back on track after this setback.