GREEN Audio Blog: Draw More Dollars from Your Home

Millions are buying up homes to rent out as the “AirBnB-type” part of the sharing economy has exploded into a multibillion dollar business. GREEN blogger and Real Estate journalist Barbara Ballinger discusses exactly practical steps for how BOTH homeowners (who do this to earn extra income to supplement their main jobs or when they’re retired as their main source of income) and investors (make a full-time business out of buying up properties as investment income and never reside in these homes) can rent out their property to “Draw More Dollars from Your Home.”

Black is the New… Black, Gray, Beige or White!

Black used to be considered purely an accent color and mostly for sophisticated males living on their own. But in recent months, it’s become a favorite of a much larger cohort, promoted first by the most progressive-thinking designers, architects, builders and manufacturers who realized that many homeowners were tired of avoiding deep saturated hues after living amid so much pale gray, beige and white.

Entry Foyer 101

No matter if it’s rarely used, the front door and its foyer beyond remains an important feature of every home, both as an architectural focal point and the preferred entry for most guests and certainly for buyers. After those looking size up a home’s curb appeal—how the exterior and landscaping look, the entry makes a big difference in their next impression.

What Men Want in Home Decor

Single men may not rival women in terms of the number who are buying houses and condominiums on their own. Women represent 17 percent of homebuyers in this country, compared with 7 percent of single men, according to the most recent data from the National Association of Realtors(R) (NAR). But men still reflect a strong, steady cohort due to a variety of factors.

What Floor Will Work Best in Your Kitchen?

Kitchen floors are the path on which we tread daily. While they may not be the key reason folks are wowed by a kitchen when looking to buy, an old dinged or dented floor is sure to cause concern about how much it will cost to fix or replace. So what floor catches the attention of most buyers?