Global Real Estate Education Network is an online real estate education company that combines live, interactive coaching and training with a nationwide investor club network and a powerful network marketing business opportunity.

About - Global Real Estate Education Network (GREEN) - Online Real Estate Education Network

Green Online Education and Live Training

Members have access to an ever-growing collection of educational resources. In addition, they have the opportunity to participate in live, video conferencing, which offers training in a variety of topics related to real estate, business, and personal development. Coaches and trainers that might normally cost hundreds of dollars per hour are all available to our members for one low monthly fee.

Green Investor Club

Your business is only as strong as your network of people. GREEN Investor Clubs are where our members (both Preferred Customers and Independent Representatives) and their guests meet to network professionally, share the GREEN business opportunity, and develop local groups that share our passion for real estate.

GREEN Investor Club meetings are open to the public and we encourage you to attend meetings sponsored by an Independent Representative in your area or, if you wish to become an Independent Representative, start one yourself! Those who enroll with our company as Independent Representatives and wish to start their own local GREEN Investor Club may utilize our GREEN Online Education and Live Training to enhance their local meetings. Of course, all Independent Representatives have the right to sell the GREEN business opportunity.