Looking Ahead: Early Fall Home Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

It certainly does not feel like it outside today in Southern Indiana, but we are quickly approaching September and the upcoming fall season. Where I live, we typically have a fairly warm (okay, hot) September and finally see temperatures cool off near the end of the month. Although many in this area are done with heat and humidity by now, our Indian Summer is actually tremendously beneficial in helping us stay on top of home maintenance.


There is still plenty of time to work and play outside, so I am not wishing away the lingering summer days — neither are my colleagues in the real estate industry! There are still gobs of evening showings and appointments all over town, and the market shows no signs of slowing down. However, with kids going back to school and calendars filling quickly, I know how fast time will go. Before we know it, October will be upon us. So, I thought this week would be the perfect time to give you some early fall home maintenance suggestions so you can work on these projects as time allows.


These will be helpful for homeowners preparing to sell in the coming months and investors as well. Make sure those flips and rental properties are in top shape!



Early Fall Home Maintenance

  1. Add Weather Stripping

Fall Home Maintenance TipsNewer homes may not need this, but older homes often let air in and out which can hike up utility bill quite quickly. Remove and replace weather stripping around your doors and windows. Pay attention to where you feel drafts coming in through small gaps around the house.





  1. Inspect Your Roof

This task is best left to a professional, but if you choose to do it yourself, please, please: be very careful! Check for damaged shingles, worn seals and gutters that have pulled away from the roof line. Get these issues resolved before we have cold weather that involves freezing and thawing, which can be hard on a roof.


  1. Spruce Up Living Spaces

Cooling temperatures and more homework means your family will likely be spending more time inside. Be sure your most-used living spaces are cozy, clean and have plenty of seating for reading, watching movies, or studying.


  1. Transition Outdoor Plants

Your patio furniture and grills can probably wait to be winterized until later in the fall because many regions will still have nice weather until November! For now, begin transitioning your potted plants to late-summer blooms or early fall flowers like mums and be sure to read up on how to care for your plants in the new season.




  1. Do You Use Firewood?

If you have a fire pit, host bonfires, or use a wood-burning stove or fireplace, now is the time to order firewood. Don’t store it directly against your home because it can become a hotel for bugs and other critters. Find a spot in your yard where it will be sheltered from rain and a safe distance from your house.


  1. Check Your Foundation

Walk the perimeter of your home and examine your foundation. Are there any gaps or cracks? Like the roof, winter is hard on foundations because we can get into a pattern of freezing and thawing, plus those heavy rains and eventually snow. Let’s take care of problems before they have a chance to get worse.





  1. Complete Fireplace Maintenance

Now is the perfect time to have your fireplace and chimney inspected if you have one. Again, this task is best left to a professional because he or she will know what to look for. It’s always a good idea to be sure your fireplace is in working order before cool weather arrives.


  1. Inspect the Furnace

It could get chilly at times in September, so we all want to know our heating systems are good to go. If you don’t know what to look for, ask a friend or relative. You can also call one of your local companies and just ask a few questions or have them check it out.





  1. Continue Whole-House Cleaning

It’s constant, isn’t it? I know that everyone cleans as much as time allows all.the.time, but as we spend more time inside, we tend to notice tasks around the house that may have been overlooked during the summer. September is a fabulous time to declutter and work on organization because there’s more to keep track of with activities and assignments. It’s also a great month to host a yard sale because weather is favorable for people to get out and about.


  1. Start Transitioning Home Decor

This task might be the most fun. You don’t have to get out your scarecrows and pumpkins yet, but you can begin putting out your heavier throw blankets, change pillow shams to more autumnal colors and put some quilts on your beds. These are just a few cozy touches to enjoy in case we have a cooler day. Plus, fall staging items are perfect ways to show potential buyers how lovely and “homey” your house can be.




What else will you be working on at home next month? As always, I would love to hear from you!

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