Learn from GREEN Video Blog: Considerations for Real Estate Investors as they Work on Deals with their Realtors

Real Estate Agents Working with Investors

Michelle Moore, award winning author, motivational speaker, leadership coach, sales trainer and GREEN instructor.

Michelle Moore is a successful businesswoman who has earned over 40 sales, leadership, and literary awards throughout her career. She travels the country as an award-winning author, inspirational and motivational speaker, leadership coach, and sales trainer. She enjoys coaching, motivating, and inspiring men and women looking to achieve the highest level of success both professionally and personally. As the owner of Real Estate Coaching Simplified, the host of The Power of Real Estate radio show, and speaker for God Crazy Freedom Women’s Conferences, Michelle speaks truth, love, and empowerment into the lives of men and women throughout the world.

Recently, Michelle visited GREEN HQ in Nashville and spoke to an enthusiastic GREEN Investment Club audience. Her topic? The relationship between the real estate investor and their broker.

In real estate investment (as in life) good communication is essential as well as commitment to doing one’s homework! Good investments do not happen by chance. They are the result of quality preparation and good teamwork between the investor and their team.

Here is a small sample of the wisdom Michelle offered GREEN members and visitors:

Michelle addresses the issue of thinking through what you are going to do with the property (rehabilitation or complete tear-down).  In addition, she urges the investor to run the comps for what the home is worth TODAY but also calculate what the property WILL BE WORTH when the project is complete, as this may well be more! Finally, she suggests that the investor pay attention to the square footage as they calculate building or rehabilitation costs.


Next Michelle suggests that the smart real estate investor ask their realtor for comps on the property, keeping in mind that detailed PICTURES of these comps are vitally important as they may well reveal special features that skew the comp numbers.


Here Michelle notes that the investor can be greatly helped by their realtor’s knowledge of what is “hot” in that specific market.


Finally, Michelle reminds investors to DO THEIR HOMEWORK, suggesting that they sit down and double-check their numbers for accuracy. She concludes her thoughts by stressing the importance of a due diligence clause that allows the investor time to examine the details of the deal, maximizing their chances for success.

GREEN is proud to host Michelle Moore’s bi-monthly course, “Real Estate Coaching Simplified” (every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at noon Central).  See the GREEN Calendar (https://www.learnfromgreen.com/calendar/) for more details.  In addition, GREEN is in talks with Michelle about expanding her presence with a second bi-monthly program! Stay tuned!

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