Learn from GREEN Video Blog: Scott Layden

Scott Layden, Branch Manager and Senior Mortgage Loan Originator for NFM Lending in Franklin, Tennessee.

Scott Layden’s day job is as a Senior Mortgage Loan Originator for NFM Lending in Franklin, Tennessee. However, Scott’s background in real estate is much more extensive and includes activity as an investor, a developer, a real estate broker, and as a landlord.

Scott uses this extensive experience and his detailed understanding of the math behind consistent success in real estate investing to pursue an active involvement in real estate investing for personal long-term wealth building.

Needless to say, Scott has a lot to share as regards his ideas on buy and hold real estate investing.  On April 5, 2017, Scott stopped by and spoke at the GREEN HQ Investment Club Meeting. Here are several nuggets of wisdom from his talk:




Scott’s General Approach: Market Value x 80% – repair costs = Brandon’s offer. The real estate purchased must be in a stable or in a neighborhood that is tending upward. Like every good investor, Scott tries to get ahead of the growth.


With Buy and Hold investing, it is all about the RETURN ON EQUITY (ROE):


Why is Buy and Hold such a great path for investors?  Answer: The “Doubling.”


Here Scott sketches out how steady and predictable inflation isn’t such a bad for investors.


Now that we understand the role of inflation, particularly as it relates to real estate investing, Scott proceeds to connect this with the other well-known ways that buy and hold properties bring return on your investment dollars.


Scott Layden’s talk was extremely interesting and thought-provoking! We are pleased to announce that GREEN is in talks with him about producing a much more extensive video course that explores real estate by the numbers. Look for it in the coming months here at www.LearnfromGreen.com!

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