Adding Value to a Home — Bathroom Updates

This post begins a series about updating your home (bathroom remodel increase home value). This is a topic I discuss a lot with homeowners and investors because it is amazing to see what some small, affordable updates can do for a home, especially when preparing to sell. I am often hesitant to encourage large-scale remodeling projects (unless you’re tackling a flip house!) because they take so much time and money, and if you aren’t going to stay in the home for long after the renovation, you will not recoup your investment. Don’t be mistaken–I love a good home makeover, but there are a lot of clever ways to update and add value without tearing down walls and gutting entire rooms. Investors, these ideas are perfect for your properties if you want to raise rent a little or attract new tenants.

bathroom remodel increase home valueMy next few blogs will feature posts that focus on various areas of the home. In this post, I will focus on the bathroom. We often hear the most chatter about the master bath, but remember that there aren’t many people who actually see and use that bathroom. Don’t forget about the powder room and guest baths! They will see the most foot traffic, especially from visitors.

Here are a few ideas to consider if you’re looking to give your bathroom(s) a little face lift.





bathroom remodel increase home value1. Update the light fixtures. Look for a piece with sconces that adds both warmth and elegance–they do not need to be fancy. A fixture that has more to offer than the basic Hollywood style dressing room lights will add sophistication and class to your vanity. Two fixtures I like are at Lowe’s and Restoration Hardware (comes in five different finishes!)



2. Consider replacing the faucet and shower head. Brushed nickel and bronze have been on trend for a couple years, and with good reason. They are timeless, classic, and easy to clean. Chrome is also beautiful but hard to keep clean and brass is considered a bit outdated. You won’t go wrong with a lovely faucet like this one from Home Depot or this one from com. Shower heads are not quite as noticeable, but they are a valuable addition if a bathroom has a large shower head or even a rain shower for true spa experience.


3. Add a framed mirror to your vanity. This gives such a finished, customized look. It is something unique, and if you ever decide to sell your home, it will be a nice upgrade. You can actually frame it in with a tutorial like this, but since we are talking easy updates, we recommend searching for mirrors at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s if you are near either store, or a HomeGoods if you are willing to travel to a larger city that has one (much wider selection!). They have fabulous mirrors for $40-$70 in a variety of styles and sizes, and that option does not involve a project. They can simply be hung securely above your vanity.


4. Paint the walls in a soothing, neutral color. A lovely spa blue or green is a great choice, and a creamy vanilla is a nice option in a bathroom as well.


5. Shower door? If you have door on your shower instead of a curtain, think about switching from frosted glass to clear glass. It will instantly update the look and one like this is pretty affordable if you are selective. These doors can get expensive quite quickly, so be especially careful if you’re installing them in a flip property.



6. Finally, keep décor current. These are items that are much more personalized to suit your specific taste, but having a good-quality shower curtain, updated pulls on the vanity doors/drawers, cozy rugs, and attractive storage options always add value and appeal in a bathroom.


You can implement just one or all of these options whether you’re just moving into a new home, already living in your dream house, or working on an investment property to update and sell or rent. I am always here to help if you have questions about what bathroom updates to prioritize!

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