GREEN Interviews: Brandon Patrick, owner of Intervision Media Group, part 2

There are many “secret weapons” for social media available to real estate businesses. Among the options of those wanting to reach a wide audience is the Facebook Business Page.


But running a Facebook Business Page requires more than simply posting about the services and products that you’re offering consumers. If one doesn’t know what their audience wants (or the right ways to deliver such posts to promote their businesses), they can waste valuable time and/or risk the business’s reputation in the eyes of a buyer.


Intervision Media Group - Owner - Brandon Patrick | Online Real Estate Education

Brandon Patrick, owner of Intervision Media Group, Franklin, Tennessee.

This is the second part of GREEN’s interview with Brentwood-based social media expert Brandon Patrick. Basing his ideas on his experience in real estate and in social media marketing, Intervision Media Group Principle Brandon Patrick offers GREEN readers a breakdown of how to run a Facebook Business Page effectively.


GREEN: Continuing our chat on social media, you’ve previously spoken about the importance of having a strategy for your Facebook Business Page.

Regarding the philosophy, what’s the goal for a successful social media campaign? Should they be going for followers of a certain quality? Should they be going for as many followers as possible? Both? Or something else?

Brandon Patrick: You know, one of the things that you’re wanting to do … right off the bat, there’s a huge strategy for creating engagement on Facebook. Because anybody can have a Facebook Fan Page, but getting people to engage into it is totally different. And what we’re gonna be talking about is … I’m gonna show everyone how they can sit there, get a Fan Page, and how they can get people engaged. How they can get people to like their page, and share it with other people, and in turn get leads.


The reason why people do social media, a lot of people think it’s for developing relationships only. On Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, the biggest thing that people don’t realize is that that is the best marketing strategy ever, and he’s a genius. So, we’re gonna talk about how to connect and have relationships daily, we’re gonna talk about client care and answering sales questions, and then, you know, last but not least, the whole thing is to make a sale. We wanna do product promotion


Targeted posts, keywords, and a localized approach that offers the client care and special touch that might be needed to an area for real estate sales.


Facebook is the most visited social network in the world.

GREEN: What would you give readers of the blog as a first step for running a Facebook Business Page?

Brandon: The first thing that we have, of course, is to increase our likes. The second thing is that we want to be able to use fantastic content. Because if you’re not giving out good content, you’re not gonna be engaging people on your posts. And, of course, we’re gonna develop a relationship.


One of the things that’s happened over the past several decades – especially since people have gotten on the web, and since text messaging has gotten big – people don’t really like to engage face-to-face. It’s strange. Back when I was a kid, if you wanted to go buy something … we would have to call the real estate agent and meet ‘em face-to-face. Nowadays, we can sit there and even do Facebook Live in a house and broadcast it all over. Or send it to a specific client


So, I’m gonna give you a content map right now. If readers use this information, they can build out a fantastic database on Facebook. The first thing you’re gonna do – and you’re gonna need to do this on a daily basis to build up your relationships, and we want to do this three times a day – we want to go out with good pictures. And by “good pictures,” I mean like a lifestyle picture. Maybe sitting there, showing a house. Or maybe you sitting at your desk working. Maybe you’re sitting there on the phone or on your laptop looking at something.


One of the things that we never want to do, we never want to bombard people constantly with business. Because people don’t really care about your business until they need your product. Which of course, in real estate, it’s putting somebody into a home that they can live in.


GREEN: So, what you’re saying is that businesses using social media should keep their content rotating? Without it being exclusively the promotion of the product?

Brandon: Yes. I’ve seen agents before, and I’ve sat there and looked in their back office under Insights, which you can do on a Fan Page, and you can see how all of the engagement happens. When people sit there and start posting only about their business, how people start un-liking their page. And it’s never what we wanna do.


Our goal here is to build relationships, and you’re not gonna build a relationship by constantly talking about selling houses. We wanna sit there … we wanna be able to answer questions, and then throw out randomly our product. So the first thing we’re gonna do, three times a day, we’re gonna throw out a lifestyle picture. The second thing we wanna do is we wanna throw out a “quote” picture. Everybody sees really good memes online, you know, do something like that.


Do a motivational… a quote such as maybe your famous quote: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” But it needs to be on a picture. Because people respond to pictures and videos far more than they do [with] people just posting.


And the third thing that we want to do is a product picture. This is where you put out your listing. You’ve been to a great home that you want to sell, put a picture out there and say “New foreclosure property in ‘whatever county you’re in.’ This is gonna go fast. Call me.”


GREEN: You’ve shared that it’s better to post image-based content instead of just written copy. Is that because something that’s a picture or a video has more emotional resonance than words?

Brandon: Well, the thing is, people aren’t really big into reading much as they are looking. People are more visual, as a whole. So, the things that they can glance over real quick, because people are exposed to so many media messages a day. They take in thousands of media messages. So, they don’t really have the time to sit there, unless they’re really into you … but yeah, definitely. People are much more into pictures and videos now. That’s the reason why as far as my business, we see a huge increase of people asking for us to come out and video ‘em. Video is huge.


But you don’t have to have a professional video person. If you’ve got a camera phone, you’ve got something that’s so much better than even ten years ago as far as professional pictures. Just do it.

This is the second installment in a multi-segment interview with Brandon Patrick regarding real estate and social media. Those wanting to learn more about Brandon’s company Intervision Media Group may do so by visiting the business’s website.

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